I took birth,
I cried,
And squirmed in her lap.
I felt her warmth
I learned the word – Comfort
From no one else, but my mom.

I grew older
And found him strong,
I saw him bringing things for me
Before I even uttered anything.
I learned to be a Provider and a Protector
From no one, but my father.

I fought, I teased and played,
I snatched their belongings,
As I gifted them all I have too.
I learned – Caring and Sharing
Whether I am bitter or better
From no one else,
but all my brothers and sisters.

I went to school, and then college,
I acquired knowledge and gained wisdom,
Became very wise, sometimes a little fool.
I made friends,
Who took off all my stress,
Made me nonchalant and stout.
Managing everything on my own,
I grew as a man
Learning life’s lessons – as the years leapt and ran.

I got married,
Had someone by my side, my wife
Who took all the strife,
Bore the burden together
As a friend and companion.
From her, I learned the art of sacrifice,
And learned how to treasure the valuable prize.

I became matured,
As I learned, and I learned from many…
Whom I met in the walks of my life,
I found someone to teach me, to inspire me
To learn from and to gain wisdom
Without being foolish and uncanny.

Learning never ends in life,
It is as common as sufferings and strife.
I found a teacher around me, all the time,
From whom I learned and felt sublime.
And today, I wish them all…
With all my heart and mind –
A Happy Teachers Day!!!