Hey stop! You don’t know that you’re a girl.
You cannot fight,
fighting back is not your right.
You cannot raise up your voice,
as the society has not given you the choice.
Though you’re born and brought up in a shell,
yet the society will never listen to your yell.
The dress code you wear,
sends a monster within to plunge into the depths and stare.
The way you speak,
seems to be the advantage of being so weak.
If you move with a ‘un tatouage’ and ‘rouge sang’ lipstick,
‘Look! she is characterless’, according to society’s strategy and tactics.
Not only you, many are out there, who are probably so scared.
This is how society slams girl’s character blindly through their vision,
by pouring artesia drugs instead of anesthesia like a poison.
Whether it’s temple, road, bus or even house,
the act of enormity for women have no pause.
Whether she is on her monthly cycle or normal days,
they tries to attack her in several ways.
Men full of lust desperate enough to grab and force on God’s creation,
by making her the victim of vexation.
By making her a mere toy,
they uses her for joy.
Her consent get scatters,
and her pleas doesn’t matters.
She feels them as masters,
powerful enough to give their orders.
Being someone’s son, father and brother,
they outrage her instead of being their protector.
Without shyness they perform so disgraceful activity,
by making their mother’s existence  filthy.

Don’t be a victim of your fear and soulful cries,
rather develop your faith and trust to arise.
Lift your arms more,
save yourself and learn to fight to endure.
Educate yourself as knowledge only delivers light,
it’s time to stand up and fight for your rights.

Deena Bhattacharjee

Deena Bhattacharjee, a 23-year old Bengali girl is born and brought up in Jamshedpur famously known as Steel City. She has done Masters in Chemistry from Central University of Jharkhand and presently involves in writing. She is the author of the book, “The Soulful Words“. You can contact her on Instagram – HERE.