In quest of happiness…
I searched the whole world,
Tasted the things forbidden,
Lost my identity,
Faked my originality,
Ignored the true love,
Trusted on people,
Rested on feelings,
Vested on worthless,
Lusted after fame,
Wasted the precious,
Neglected the important.

Then, One day…
I came to myself, when...
Things didn’t work the way I thought-
Identity ruined,
Love deceived,
People failed,
Feelings betrayed,
Things depleted,
Fame faded,
Excitement ended,
Treasures lost,
status declined,
Time slipped off.

  At that moment I realised…
True happiness is not in any…
Object…. circumstances….relationships…
Rather it lies in…
Accepting the God-given,
Abiding in God alone,
Resting upon His provision,
Trusting His decisions,
Exploring His greatness,
Considering His works,
Hearing His voice,
Obeying His words,
Performing His will.
Realising His peace.

© Susan Rout

Susan was born and brought up in Balasore. She went to St. Vincent Convent Sr. Sec. School. She passed intermediate from FM junior college, Balasore. Now, pursuing B.Ed in FM autonomous college. Her poem won the second place for her in the contest. The personal relationship between a human and God was quite relatable for the readers.