The other day I was having a casual talk with my daughter. She asked me what I want to be when I grow up. That was a legit question I think, probably the deeper meaning which she didn’t realize was – we should never stop dreaming, desiring, aspiring or being ambitious. Or might be just a counter question to the regular question hovered over them by parents – What do you want to be?

Well whatever the idea was I paused a bit and said ” I want to be a writer but not sure if people will like my work or not. I am skeptical.” And the statement she made after my “hmms & huhs” simply blown me away and made me ponder “does she know what impact and sense she makes with her rather seemingly casual statements. Is it really a child’s play to be mature?”. She said “Mom it’s you who need to like whatever you do (she meant whatever I write) at first place. People may sometimes like it and sometimes not, what’s the big deal”.

My perception of those words: It takes a lot of courage to convince one self to break free from the preconceived notion of “what they might think“. The shackles of societal norms, thought of likes and dislikes of everyone else other than ourselves are pretty strong that impedes our growth be it professionally or personally. And as the nature has it every action has equal and opposite reaction, the suppression of every trivial desire, negating own decisions just to fall in line or say just to be safe, an overtly exertion on oneself to be PERFECT for everyone we are only letting resentment build up inside that forces an outburst of ugly nature most often . The constant tug of war between following a set path and what we want or believe is meant for us leaves us torn from within. And suppression on any level – be it within or on a world stage, has always (more or less) left a gory and thorny trail, isn’t it?

So breaking from preconceived notions needs courage. Taking the first step is always the difficult one but the most important one. Change can be within or around but our inner self has to be convinced that it is needed or it is right at first place. That is the prerequisite of happiness.

P.S : And yes if you think you need to warm up to muster courage to bring upon a change, doesn’t matter how miniscule it is, doesn’t matter in which regard it is start with your haircut 😂, yes go for that funky haircut you always wanted to have shedding the preconceived notion of “what they might think”😉. Remember half of the so-called people/ society have their own businesses to take care of and the rest who don’t have doesn’t qualify to be the judges passing judgements on your life as they are like the empty vessels making only noise.


  1. A valuable thought. We do want recognition for our efforts, but it’s what you think that really matters. We are often told, as children, when we want to do something ‘different’, “What will people say?” This so often sticks. But it doesn’t really matter. People who love you will accept it (eventually), and why do the others matter?

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    1. Reading your comment makes me really happy and definitely I will keep your words in my mind. I have to strive for my happiness as a happy me will only be able to keep my family happy. And rest others really doesn’t matter. Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

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