Courage often originates from emergency situations. When we have an emergency situation we don’t see anything that binds us or restricts but we just act to get out of that situation. I have two very interesting and funny events that will prove what I am saying.

A few days ago on a Sunday morning, I saw my former office boy carrying something in one paper carton. I asked what it was. He smiled saying the box was filled with newborn kittens. Three boys used to stay in the office room and the mother cat entered inside to deliver all her kittens.

I was wondering how come those guys didn’t see her entering the room and deliver her babies without they all being aware of it? They had no clue.

This mother cat was always driven away by these three guys yet it chose their room for delivering her babies.

I remember a similar event that happened with me too three years ago. Asmita went to see my Nanny as she was suffering from cancer and I was alone. When I stay alone in my house I always keep busy with my gadgets and rarely care about what goes on around. But this thing was unique.

One evening after office, I came back home and was relaxing. After sometime I was about to take off my shirt and hang it on the hanger when I saw one pair of glowing green eyes below where my clothes were hanging. I took five seconds to realize that it was a cat sitting there and watching me with her eyes fixed on me as if she will pounce on me.

I stepped back and called in one of my office boys to help. When he came the cat ran away and hid itself in another corner of the house but didn’t leave the house. We were wondering why was it not going out of the open door and then our eyes fell on those adorable little squirmy pink kittens in that corner where I had seen the cat first.

The mother cat could have harmed us for holding her babies. So we had to drive her away from our house first and then take the babies out of my house on a piece of cloth. The boy kept the babies in a corner of the complex and the mother cat couldn’t find them. She kept on meowing looking at me. I closed my door but she came and kept scratching at my door crying for her babies. Though later she was shown her babies and she stopped getting upset with me.

This stray cats are small and tiny before us, humans. They are scared of our shouts and even just the tapping noise of our foot steps unless they are our pets but when there’s an emergency situation they don’t care who we are. They simply invade a place suitable for them to deliver their future.

Awesome!!! Isn’t it?

A state of emergency always creates an antibody of courage within us to fight against all the dangers and fears of this earth. And the above events confirm what I am saying.

By the way, the cat who delivered her babies in my house was long gone. But the cat who delivered recently in the room of those boys is still there. I had captured it having a nap on a wasted sofa and have posted that image for this article. I hope you all will enjoy witnessing the example of Courage.

Stay blessed!!!