Marooned on a slice of dry land
With surging waves lapping up the glistening san
Stormy winds crashing against the rocks
The mind goes awry as the season mocks

At a time when the scorching sun rays
Ought to shine on the cliffs and bays,
In gush the sea’s cool saline waters
Forcing many to flee to safe quarters

Gooey mud and fetid silt
Ruin houses painstakingly built
Trees fall flat across the roads
Defeated by the gales’ incessant blows

Can man ever withstand the fury of nature
Save for being a mere mute spectator?

Prepare to face with poise and grace
When cyclones hit base
For halcyon days interspersed with tempestuous forays
Are trials of equanimity amidst clangorous sprays

Occasional savegeries of nature
Mimic the ceaseless exasperation of many a heart’s latent furore
Quotidian jostles
Myriad hassles

And then . . .

The lull after the storm
Stealthily invaded by numerous chirps, croaks and wriggly worms
Augurs a restoration spellI
In the aftermath of the disaster that mercilessly befell

Hope refurbished
Faith renewed
A new morn
With fresh assurance of joys yet to be born.

(Written in the wake of cyclone YAAS that struck Odisha on the 26th of May 2021.)

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