The air looms heavy with sickness and death. Smiles seem to have faded away. Uncertainty of the next moment gives sleepless nights. Safety of loved ones has gained immense priority. With emotions running wild, sanity seems to be under a humongous threat. For those who have lost their loved ones or have managed to save their dear ones at the expense of a lifetime’s savings, the future looks bleak.

Words are not the best comforters in times as these. Talk of ringing in positivism with rich thoughts, well, that’s a momentary denial of reality as it stands. The world is not only grappling with a pandemic with an ever-mutating virus at its helm right now, it is also dealing with earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons, mice plagues, locust attacks, volcanic eruptions, bombings, shootings, rocket attacks – most of which have escaped mainstream coverage and viewer attention owing to the focus on the pandemic. Added to these are the rapidly dwindling jobs, steep rise in unemployment and poverty and a proportional increase in crimes – all of which already existed in a pre-COVID world.

Coming to crimes, what shocked me this week was the news of the clothes of deceased COVID patients being stolen and sold by a racquet, that was busted!! Even infectious clothes are not spared by obnoxious minds!! The organ trading industry has been flourishing discreetly behind closed doors since the time COVID deaths rose in numbers. Ghastly rapes continue.

When the picture is so gloomy, what can keep us going?

I’m sure each of us has an inspiration that helps keep us upbeat and moving. There are two things that keep me going:

  1. Life has to go on till it stops. Remember Atlanta from the Greek mythology who lost the race to Melanion as she got distracted by the golden apples? You and I are running individual life races. No matter how much the pain and suffering around, we have to continue to run. While we need to pause and ponder where we are heading, we need to continue to run. We need to do all that we do till the last breath. We cannot sit with folded hands and wait for the tempest to calm down. Melancholy need not reign over us. This keeps me going!

2. Life will be over when its purpose is over. When we hear of young people dying in this second wave of the pandemic in India, it sends shivers down the spine. Just before I began typing this blog today, I got the news of a school batch mate (from another school in my city) who lost her battle to COVID. She was a bubbly lady – full of life and all of thirty-five. Such and other similar news over the last few weeks captioned ‘Gone too soon’ over social media often rattle the mind. But, the bottom line remains that the Life-giver takes away the life once its purpose is over. So, I know that when my purpose is over I’ll be gone – whether early in years or in ripe old age. Hence, the questions – Do you know your purpose in this life? Are you fulfilling it/ them?

Preachy though it may sound, this is what keeps me going. The assurance that whether in life or in death I am in God’s plans – in His hands, gives me the gushing energy from within to retain my joy and peace in the midst of the mayhem and continue living and encouraging others to live – one day at a time.