During these trying times, all of us have experienced the severity of the pandemic. Some lost their jobs, some suffered because of the financial crisis, some suffered because of sickness and some lost their loved ones. There are many other difficulties that people went through which I have not mentioned even. And finding out inspiration among all these situations were really difficult.

In these most difficult times of my life, my eyes straight away go up to my God, the father in heaven and I try to draw all my inspiration from His word, that is from the Bible. But as we decided to write about those inspirations apart from God, I would like to mention them here in this article today.

I stood out to be the most vulnerable person to this virus being a congenital cardiac patient and became invalid from the very onset of this pandemic in March 2020. And moreover, I had just recovered from Pneumonia so the doctors and my family members strictly prohibited me to go out. I even could not go out of the apartment gate to get a biscuit or snacks packet right from there itself. And it has been almost 15 months since when I am being quarantined or isolated or restricted from the outer world.

I had stayed at home a lot from childhood so this isolation really didn’t affect me for the last many months but now I really want to go out though I know I can’t risk it by adventuring out of my house. But I really thank God for those helping hands that helped me and our family in these difficult times. They truly inspired me as they kept risking their lives for me just to help me and my family out.

Asmita went out all the time for marketing, buying things and managed the household chores along with her tuitions but there were things like going to banks, buying medicines urgently, buying stuff that was not available close by were done by those helping hands which I can’t ignore. Those office boys who stay on the same campus in our office apartment helped us all the time. One of them, who went ahead the extra mile by bringing things for other apartment dwellers as well. And his name was in everyone’s mouth, even the old man who works as apartment guard also praised that boy.

We all know how Sonu Sood helped many in this time of need and became an inspiration and a hero for many people in India who were in trouble. Trust me, I see another Sonu Sood in this boy who literally became the only source of help in this trying time.

I also get inspired by Asmita who had helped many people by giving away her money to give them comfort who had been going through financial difficulties. She has a lot of fear and insecurity concerning me and my health yet she never back out when it came to helping someone in this time. And I watched all of these amazing people helping others as I sat helpless and unable to help anyone. But I also thanked the Lord for all these people around me whom God used to be the inspiration for me and all.

May God bless them all!