One Fine Day is All You Need

If you ask me what brings me joy, there are a lot many. Again if I have to choose, it is indeed hard for me, because my joy seems to link to the mental state i am going through and what makes me happy then. It might not give me the same joy on another occasion.
Ok. So if i have to choose, i love a movie, and with my busy day today, i feel like watching it again and again. It is called “One Fine Day”.

I do not know if some can relate to the poster here.

Movie : One Fine Day (1996) Staring : George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer

The movie revolves around a single mom and single dad and their kids. And their lives intersect on a hectic day, wherein they come together to help each other in some way or the other. I kind of get lost in the movie as soon as i start watching as the characters are played by my favorite actors. And being a mom, especially on hectic days, even when i have thousands of pending things to do, and irritating kids around, I still sit there and watch it and yes I hate getting disturbed.
The joy it brought me was immense. It was because I was in a state of mind, wherein a piece of me was not quite happy with how i do things, and the other piece of me does feel content with everything i do. Parenting can literally blow your mind off, and it is indeed hard to focus on what’s good and what’s bad. There are certain days when i feel like being on the verge of breaking away and need a good break, but I am still unable to choose what to be done. Like a positive message, this movie came as a messiah to me, telling me that “stay calm lady, you are fine just relax.”. And watching the stars on screen, the mesmerizing rain and the infrastructure does give me goosebumps.
Somedays, I feel like i am a mess, nothing is in line and cannot be controlled, these are the days, I look for a light at the end of the dark tunnel and the movie is perfect for the same. It gives me hope, joy and a message that i am perfectly fine, all i need to be is a little calm and patient.

No pain, No Joy.

Only when we endure the difficulties, we know what joy it brings to us.


6 thoughts on “One Fine Day is All You Need

  1. Surely have to catch up this flick and experience the joy you have mentioned and experienced. I totally agree with you about parenting. Sometimes it feels we are aligning ourselves in the right direction and sometimes all goes haywire. And if something can calm down us and let us sort ourselves, nothing beats that. Great job as always. Thanks for a beautiful suggestion, will check the movie.

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  2. I think I definitely will watch this movie now … currently I am totally in a dilemma of whether I am a good parent? Whether I am doing it right… whether this.. whether that… there’s no end.. may be this movie can clearly head!

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