What is the secret behind joyful life? I wouldn’t know. Currently life is not a bed of roses for me and I may not always be joyful. But one thing I have realized is that if you go hunting for joy and happiness it becomes more elusive.

Don’t go searching for joy. It just goes away from you. Just concentrate on living your life as best you can and you will not realize when the butterfly named happiness, contentment or joy comes and sits on your shoulder. I am saying this from personal experience.

My mantra in life is to live life with a smile on my face. Now here I give a disclaimer my family might not agree to this for they have seen all my foul moods and angry tantrums. That too happen. I am human after all.

But in general people call me the lady with an ever-smiling face. I like to greet even strangers with a smile on my face and most of the time it automatically transfers to the other person and a kind of warmth develops between the two. If you work in an office you must have realized that extra work or unscheduled work is at times dumped on you. What has to be done has to be done. But doing it with a smile makes the work more fun than doing it with a grumpy attitude. The work environment also becomes better and your colleagues also come out to help. But if you are grumbling and irritable every one will try to be away from you.

Secondly, I have tried to be helpful always. Whenever I have seen a friend or acquaintance or a colleague is stuck with something I have offered to help. At times the help offer is accepted and at times it is not. But still keep at it. Do try to help without a thought of what the other person has done for you. Do it unconditionally. And as the saying goes whatever goes around comes around. You offer help to the universe and the universe comes to your assistance when you need help.

Making a connect with the humans around you and having a general camaraderie makes our daily toils full of joy.