My friends used to make fun of me because for me, mantra for a good life is “Balance”. They used to call me a true Libran – yeah, because I like to hold a scale in my hand and balance stuff all the time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am an expert in attaining Balance. It just means that I believe with the right balance between black and white, we can find the right shade of Grey that works perfectly well for us. Every person has his/her own shade of grey and “one grey fits all” is never true.

Joy – What really is Joy? For me it is a state of being content with life. A state where I believe that every aspect of my life is going perfectly well. My relationships, my health, my finances and my work – all aspects of my life are adequately moving on as per my expectations. It doesn’t mean that all aspects of my life are easy and without any problems. It means that there are problems enough to keep me challenged and motivated, however the amount of problems have not exceeded my resources to solve them and hence my cortisol levels stay in control.

How do I intend to achieve Joy in life? I am far from being joyous in life currently. Of course, I have had moments where I felt extremely joyful but those were temporary moments. But I do strive to achieve Joy in my life at all times. This means that I am always trying to sort of juggle between different aspects of my life to ensure that no one area is making me too stressed. I believe all of us have our own ways of doing this.

One of the important ways for me to achieve this is to ensure that I am not sacrificing my own needs in order to achieve something else. Every time I have made myself a lesser priority than others, I have suffered. I don’t want be a typical protagonist of a typical Indian Soap wherein the lady of the house is always giving up so that her family can have the best. Neither do I want to be a typical vamp of a typical Indian Soap who is ready to kill anybody anytime in order to achieve her selfish goals. I want to somewhere in between of these extremes. I could sometimes oscillate between these two extremes too if the need comes. But overall, I need to find that balance (that perfect shade of grey that works for me). This is my only mantra to ensure a Joyous life!!