I still remember the first time I looked at those innocent and scared eyes. She was just so tiny wrapped up in a blanket. Her eyes had opened only a few days. She is a combination of black, brown and white. Long hanging ears on her side, she entered my life like the most amazing blessing. I was still mad when my brother in law carried her inside. As soon as she stepped on the floor, she peed because she was so scared. And to my surprise, I forgot that I was supposed to be angry at this. I just looked at her in a complete awe. She was trying to bark but it sounded like a tiny little scream. I took her in my lap right then and fell in love with her forever. There was no way I could even think of driving this little baby out of my home. She was here to stay, no matter what. 

This was the first time ever that my emotions took a 180 degree turn in such a short span to time. I still knew that house is always going to be a mess now, I had no idea how to take care of a baby dog. I was as scared as that little baby was. But I knew that she and I have created a bond in just a few seconds that could never be broken now. 

What followed was no less than a wreck. My favorite sandals, all the cables, old newspapers, a few pair of earphones, my specs, corners of our furniture and so many countless items in the house were no broken as our little darling who was teething had to chew on almost everything. Carpet, sofa, bed now always had a layer of dog hair – no matter how many times I cleaned it. Training her to pee and poop outside made me so frustrated a few times, house almost always was stinking. We had slowly got used to it but any guest in our home simply asked – “Why do you guys live like this?” 

I had no clue what was it that we were doing wrong. The problem was that we simply could not train her. Beagles are difficult to train – this was something I read in google. We tried so many different ways to train her and she slowly got the hang of it. The only problem now was that she is a big time foodie. She is such a foodie that she would get sick of eating but wouldn’t stop eating if she was given unlimited supply of food. This also made her a food thief in house. We couldn’t keep any food item on the dining table because she would such flick it so cleverly that we would all be surprised. Later on we were told by the vet that beagle is one of those breeds of dog that cannot identify with full stomach. They didn’t have the natural instinct to realize that her stomach was full. 

She is almost 10 years old now and have multiple old age issues. She isn’t half as playful as she was back in 2011. I still remember the way she would just come and curl in my lap anytime of the day or night. For a long time, she didn’t use her own bed but slept on mine (I know, not very hygienic but I loved sleeping with her). She has been my powerful source of love during the most difficult times of my life. She has awakened a million desires in me to be the best person. She has instilled hope in me because taking care of her was one of my strongest missions few years back. 

Taking care of her made me a responsible and disciplined human being. Of course, it was not as cumbersome as having your own child but it was indeed a different challenge altogether. She slept on my bed, went out on trips with us, cried with us, made merry with us, loved all of us, played with us and most importantly have been a part of us. 

She is my first child and she made me a parent for the very first time!