That’s quite cliché and cheesy, as if from a run to mill Bollywood masala movie, isn’t it? But ironically that’s the reality of life. * Note: don’t try underwater stunts if you don’t know how to swim.

Well, that joke bombed. So let’s talk about life now. What marks a transition in an individual? Marriage, heartbreak, love, responsibilities, failures, success….. It’s endless, each person has different factors or trigger points that set the change, marking the arrival of new perceptions towards how one views life. For me, it was the serious financial crunch that hit our family (2003-2006) due to a blindfolded decision was taken by my father based on his trust in a person who is quite close to us. That decision proved to be fatal. If I say we were hand to mouth, it won’t be an exaggeration. Our financial condition was always somewhat strained as far as I remember but when people avoid you lest you would seek any help from them, in a way almost shunned socially that hits really hard.

What was the transition in my case? As a teenager who has started going to college and had a world full of fun and frolic enticing and inviting, I had to take an important decision of life – fill in shoes of an adultfrom carefree loitering to shouldering responsibilitiesI actually come of age; from demanding to contributing. I dropped out of college after second year, took up a job so that I could do my bit to keep my family going. It was not just me, but my brother, as well as my mother, chipped in, we swam along and against as well the tides of difficult situations of life to make sure we were not only afloat but soon find our ground. I am not ashamed of sharing it, in fact, a frail sense of pride visits me regularly whenever I think of that struggle.

So what’s the big deal!!! Every human being has a trail of struggle at some point of time, I am not an exception. But my struggle has given me some important lessons of life. Money commands respect and you always have a choice of either fighting or succumbing to the adversities of life aren’t the ones making to the list. Movies already portrayed them to the T, isn’t it😁? What I learnt from that situation is:

1. Choose your idols carefully. Idols need not be of celebrity status but must have a high moral stature accompanied by qualities like grit, perseverance, patience, honesty and humility. Look carefully around, you will find many unsung heroes whose life experiences may not have made it to Yes Talks or Forbes list but surely can gift us a new thought to ponder and look at our lives. Fortunately, I have many around me that helped me to hold my head not only high but levelled.

2. At the end of the day, it’s your character that speaks on your behalf. If you can’t respect yourself can’t demand the world to do the same. The glitter of fallacious showoff will wear off eventually but the impression that your character makes stays forever. At this juncture of life when I am leading a comfortable life I believe in sticking to the lesson I learnt in the bad phase of my life. That has earned me some real friends and relations in my life to date.

That lean patch of life has given me enough confidence for a lifetime. I can take life head-on. That reminds me of one beautiful thing my friend said to me: I once playfully (teasingly) said to him “why would you talk to someone poor like me?” To this, he said ” are you handicapped? Then why call yourself poor when God has given you every capability?

That struck me hard and rightfully. Till the time we block ourselves mentally we can ride with or against any tide that time throws at us, isn’t it?


  1. Dear girl, I never knew we had so much more in common than just shared interest and acquaintances! Having been in the same situation in my college years, I know EXACTLY what you went through. While other students were busy being students, I bet you would have to work to support at least your own education, if not your family. But I’m so happy to see you took it in a positive way. That struggle built a spine in me and taught me to be contented in my little means, and I’m sure you do the same. So proud of u, gurl! And doubly eager to meet you now 😘🤗

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