As a child, you must have always seen your parents as the ones who are there only to point out your mistakes and to deter you from doing things that you like. Indeed, most of us feel that way, until we become parents.

As soon as we become parents, we get natural or instinctual affection for our children and we just want them to be perfect in everything they do. Even the children feel safe and secure with their parents, for they never leave them alone till they are grown-ups, ready to take charge of their own lives. Yet, irrespective of the age, a child always remains a child. 

Children always believe that their parents are the strongest and so can’t imagine them to be weaker. So, when our parents grow old in front of us, it gets difficult for us to digest this fact. My father, who is going to turn 75 soon, walks much slower now. He has accepted his old age, but I want all his tests to be done again. I want him to be energetic like he used to be. My mom, my first teacher, often calls me up when she’s stuck in an online task. I get overwhelmed when I help her out. 

Parental love is truly divine, selfless, unadulterated, and truly eternal. We, as parents of young children, are busy disciplining them. We sometimes (mostly for me) yell at them and chide them, but our hearts melt to them in pain. I often scold and sometimes even hit my sons. I feel bad also, but then a slap works when nothing else does! And whenever they cry, they come to me to seek my comfort. It’s strange when a mom slaps and the child comes into her arms to cry. 

Teaching new things to children every day, celebrating their little milestones and laughing over their silly mischiefs brings sheer joys in life. I remember when I used to come back from work, all weary and tired, my little one would jump into my arms and all my stress would vanish.

Each day we make memories with our children and when they grow up, we laugh together recalling those precious moments. My children often cling to me and I fear once they grow up, they will stop doing that. Perhaps I am wrong, for their love is unadulterated, just like mine.


  1. The love within the family is actually everything and there are many who lack it. I pity them. I was brought up in a cosy family. All are not that fortunate. Wish everyone gets that love, at least at the beginning of their lives or at the developing stage of an individual.

    As usual, short and sweet, Preeta.

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