Gaurav and Sweekriti are at the sessions court, they came for a hearing as they have applied for divorce. Court gave adjournment of six months which is a normal practice for couples applying for divorce to give them time to rethink their decision.

Gaurav and Sweekriti, married for 5 years now after a brief courtship period of 5 months are at a pedestal today where they don’t want to continue their relationship. And it was their mutual decision and they didn’t involve their respective families for they feared that they might be pressurised for the sake of SOCIETY. They are individuals having their respective perspectives towards life, love an independence. Amidst all the disagreements and arguments one thing that they agreed upon is separation is the independence and MIGHT bring happiness to them.

As they were waiting the period of six months given by the court to pass, they had a sudden yet pleasant guest – Setu Uncle, who happens to be Sweekriti’s best friend’s father and even Gaurav is so much fond of him. They couldn’t continue their charade of a happy couple in front of him and within two days the issue was out in open. Setu Uncle isn’t someone who talks in a circumlocutory manner. Also is someone who isn’t into the foul and futile practice of upholding a false, fragile prestige that gets dented by happy carefree smiles. That might be the reason that Gaurav and Sweekriti broke the news to him as they knew he won’t be judging them.

Setu Uncle smiled and said “at the end of the day we are responsible for our happiness, if you guys think this is it then let it be. But can you do one thing for me?” And pulled two blank papers from his file that was lying on the table and handed them to the couple. They were blank as the papers in their hands and stared each other. And Setu Uncle continued “I know that you dislike each other so much that don’t want to be in this bond any longer. I can’t use the term hate as I find it too strong to be used for two lovely, intelligent people like you, so dislike will do (he chuckled). Take these papers, think and write what are the reasons, characteristic traits in your partner that made you loathe about the person to a point that you don’t want this association anymore. Take your time and no cheating” (he winked) and left them.

He returned after two hours only to find the papers kept on the table folded. He called Gaurav and Sweekriti and opened their respective sheets.

Gaurav – she doesn’t understand me 😡

Sweekriti – he never respects me, always brooding 😡

Setu Uncle read and laughed hard ” I thought one paper wouldn’t be enough for your complaints but you guys disappointed me. Coming to your issues did you guys ever spoke to each other about your feelings? Gaurav you said she doesn’t understand you, that means Acceptance is the issue but did you try to talk to her explaining your stand or perspective without getting irritated. Your irritation, the choice of words in the heat of arguments come across as crass and disrespectful which are more dangerous than the obvious physical abuse. Have you thought about that? Sweekriti I am on your side, words said in anger hit like venom but apart from that any other flaw that stands out remarkably in this man? Is he not loyal to you, not supportive of your aspirations, not a responsible partner? Isn’t one flaw pardonable in otherwise perfect man? The way you deserve respect so does he acceptance. We all are flawed some way or the other, isn’t it? Flaws can be complimented and completed but lack of love can’t be and none of you have given that as a reason to call it quits”.

Both Gaurav and Sweekriti looked at each other, once angry glances mellowed down. Confusion still persists but a willingness to try once more has sprouted up.

And Setu Uncle continued “see I always believed our happiness is our prerogative and call so whatever be your decision it should make you happy, together or otherwise. The issue I see from where I stand is non acceptance of the problems or flaws – both within and our partner. Acceptance of our problems induces solutions, acceptance of others’ flaws induces clarity. And that bridges the gap by paving the path of respect, communication being the bricks. If talking is leading to arguments drop messages, handwritten works better any day. Don’t think I am being preachy or poking nose in your business. It’s just that I would never want a couple to become separate entities just because they couldn’t identify and accept, respect the bliss of being together, think differently and not indifferent or devoid of love. Any way I am leaving tonight and leaving you to ponder over. I promise this will remain with me as a secret unless you decide to spill the beans. Take care”.


Can you guys guess the ending of the story?

PS** Gaurav – pride/ prestige/ respect; Sweekriti – Acceptance; Setu – Bridge**


  1. “Acceptance of our problems induces solutions, acceptance of others’ flaws induces clarity” – Wow, this was deep. I read it over and over again to not miss the essence of it. Very well written Kalpana.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are now literally translating all the English words to fit them as Indian names to cook up your stories, to satisfy your imagination. 😂

    On a serious note, your storytelling is easier to grasp the value of respect and acceptance in any relationship apart from just marital ones.

    Beautifully written, Kalpu. God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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