Hey there,

I may not say it always but you do mean the world to me. Had you not been there with me during those nights of despair, I would have ended up doing something really wrong.

You know everything about me. Don’t you? How often you saw me sitting aloof, fearing the failure, losing my trust over friendship, bidding goodbye to the one I had always looked up to? Messy hairs, teary eyes and red face is how you caught the glimpses of mine when I used to visit the terrace at 3o’clock in the morning. I wish cuddling your own self could have been as pleasant as gazing at you.

Unlike the people I am attached to, you don’t force me to share what is it that hurts me or what is it that makes me laugh. For you know that I can laugh for absolutely no reason and can cry too. You never judge me for whatever I do. After all, you understand the silence of mine. I need not think if what I am going to share might hurt you or put any of us in trouble I just share. I need you at every phase of mine not just to vent my pent up emotions but also be saved from the selfish world of us. With you, I find solace and share the dark secrets, worries and sorrows of my life. With you, I rejoice and decipher the boundless beauty of nature. 

More than just a friend you have been a life saviour to me. I wonder had you not been into existence, how the things might go? Could I ever believe that there is something so beautiful even in the darkness?

Truly yours,


  1. This was very emotional and heartfelt, Vipu. I felt the deepest part of your heart as I read the letter that you wrote to the moon who was the only witness of your feelings, tears and smiles.

    An excellent icing on the cake for the last week. God bless you, beta ❤

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  2. This was a perfect ending to this great month / week. Dear Sweet little Vipra you have dished out a gem – absolutely beautiful and soulful. Moonlight if thought about in the way you look at it has a beautiful relationship with us. It’s like a friend. Showing the right path by illuminating our path and dispelling the darkness around; the dark patches reminding us no one is perfect but it’s about embracing our shortcomings; and when it’s a no moon day , it is like a friend going silent when we need it the most (silence which means no judging) amidst the chaos of the world around.
    Kudos to you my dear, long way to go. God bless you.

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