Dear Dad!

I don’t know what to write and how to express my feelings for you. The number of lessons that you have taught me when you were amidst us was unexplainable in this letter. But they are all so rooted within me that I can train myself as well as the people around me.

You had slapped me only once in my whole life. And I wept so bitterly as I wasn’t expecting it ever from you. I took you for granted that this man can be teased and bullied in any manner but he won’t say a word. I know, you never had touched me afterwards till the end. I was a kid that time and that slap was a souvenir for me. 🙂

But I am sorry, I could not be like you who always had stayed quiet, wearing that gentle smile on your face when you were teased. I don’t know how you must have been feeling, how much pain you hid it behind that beautiful smile of yours. I retaliated at times and bashed those who tried to tease me or bully me.

I am sorry, I could not be as happy as you were when you had very little. You were happy even when you had earned a small salary, ate whatever was given to you, and led a very simple life. You never demanded, as I sometimes demand.

I am sorry, I could not tolerate like you did whenever you suffered physically. You endured all the time till the pain becomes unbearable and the wounds are visible or prominent to someone else other than you. I am no match for your endurance.

I am sorry, I could not be as aloof and peaceful as you were when you were not included in any one of the important discussions. You never flaunt around announcing your presence amidst all. You either sat or walked away quietly.

I am sorry, I could not share my belongings with others as you did in your lifetime. You never said that – “this is mine”. You always used to share what was yours with us and others; whether it is your share of food or anything else. I miss this the most when you used to share your food with us and we used to scold you to take your food back.

The amount of patience and resilience that you had taught me through your life that I could not learn from any school or college or from anyone else. It is because of your gene and your blood I stay strong and be patient against all the taunts, insults and bullying in the name of this and that.

You taught me the simple way of growing in Christ’s likeness which sometimes I find so difficult to follow in my life. Our saviour did more than saying a lot of words. You followed Him as best as you could have with all your simplicities.

Dad! I was sorry about many things that I could not practice what you showed through your life when you were in your physical body but I am so very grateful for being an example as my father. I thank you so much for the lessons you left for me in stacks to understand, learn and practice them one after the other till I mature more in His ways.

I hope to meet you soon 🙂

Your apologetic son,



  1. I just read this. I am crying. It’s so beautiful. I can almost see him. Sitting with a mild smile, watching his children on their way to life.

    I know you endure so much. But a father is always a man’s first hero. I am sure he is reading it and wishing he could tell you that you are better than me my son.

    I love you soooo much Charlie. But let him wait good time for you. You belong here for now.

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  2. Beautifully expressed . While I read this I can’t stop admiring the humility in the words penned,just like your father had in him too. I can’t stop thinking about the many times you have silently borne the pain adorning the smile on face,just like your father. There are many such reflections you carry on without acknowledging but with my privilege to witness . While not all attributes can be mirrored as in our Dad’s yet, you especially ,in the little steps you have and had taken,grow a little closer to that perfection.Love and respect you always brother,miss one of the most humble and kind hearted person I knew,Pisa.

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  3. Beautifully penned Dada. Your father must be feeling so proud for what you are today. He would always be watching your success in every walk of life wherever he is. May you stay blessed always.

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  4. Knowing you for a while now and after reading this soulful letter, I can say you are trending the path shown by your father with utmost respect and dedication. He must be very proud of you. This letter made me visualise what your father must be like, what’s the essence of life meant to him – love, smile, live. You are a true reflection and successor to him. You are definitely a lucky man to have spent your valuable time with a great person like him. Really touched.

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