“Hi Akash, how are you? Was just thinking about you. Tell me, I am all ears” said Disha in a tone that indicated her willingness to dive into her (their) little conversations as suggested by Samarth and agreed by her.

Akash cleared his throat and continued “I am good, thank you. I was thinking if we can meet and talk this weekend” and before he could finish Disha interrupted.

“Meet? Weekend? How? Are you in the city or going to come?” There was a plethora of questions just shot by Disha.

“Hmmm” sighed Akash “yes I am in your city, so thought of meeting you. There’s something really important that I want to share with you and I wouldn’t have got any better chance than this. So would you mind meeting me this Saturday which is just two days away?

Disha tried to persuade him a bit to get a hint of what it could be. “Akash, I can meet you on Saturday but we can talk now as well, I’m good with it. What it is about, you can share with me” exclaimed a little bit intrigued Disha.

“I would have if I could have. This is something which I prefer to be shared with you in your physical presence and since I have the opportunity too I insist to maintain my silence for now, I request no more questions. Thank you for agreeing to meet me. Looking forward for our meeting” said an unfazed Akash.

“Ok, if you say so. See you on Saturday. Good night” Disha signed off after receiving a reciprocation .

For the next two days her mind was occupied by one question – what it could be with multiple answers though playing at the back of her mind. And when mind is in chaos heart yearns for the trusted ally and in Disha’s case it was Sam. She spoke to him at great length, basically listing out what her mind has been proposing to her – family, career – his or mine?, responsibilities – I must tell him that I am a pathetic cook so that his expectations don’t soar high, health – hmmm.. we will sort it out, PAST – and sought his opinion about “what it could be”. A calm Sam though suggested just one thing “let him open up, don’t try to pierce in. Take it as it comes”.

“Would you like to join me on Saturday? His call had made me all the more nervous” Disha asked Sam as she anyways wanted him to meet Akash.

Samarth declined to oblige. “You two are not even a party yet so the third me will not only be a crowd but nuisance. Don’t try to punctuate the conversation without even starting it. It’s not about my judgement of him but your confidence, rather I would say mutual confidence. Let it build. Don’t panic. Go ahead” Sam explained and calmed down somewhat nervous Disha.

Saturday finally here!!! Disha and Akash met at CCD. They exchanged pleasantries. Akash pulled the chair for Disha and acted very gentlemanly. Be it the way he addressed the waiter, or the way he sat, spoke to her without letting his gaze wander, enquired about her family – that was a perfect amalgamation of good ethics and confidence. Order was placed. So as they were waiting for their order to arrive Akash decided to answer the very much awaited question of Disha “what it could be”.

Seems Disha’s intuition was not completely wrong, it is his PAST!!!

“Disha, since we are on the verge of beginning our lives together I want you to know about me in and out” Akash commenced his conversation and was soon interrupted by curious Disha.

Drawing her eyes closer, she spoke out her guess “relationship?”


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