This work from home concept was not new in human history. In fact, there was no concept of office in the beginning.  Everything was done at home or lands near the homes, which were mostly cultivation and farming. But after the so-called modernization and the invasion of different European countries, especially by Britishers, the concept of office came into the picture in India. That was in 1729. And exactly three years before, in 1726,  the world came to know about its first office. So India was not so backward, thanks to Britishers.

That was a brief history of this whole office concept which changed the work from home situation prevalent since the creation of mankind. But later, different multinational companies trying to fetch more productivity brought back this Work From Home concept again. Employees were happy to be at home but they know how they struggle even while working from home. That’s a different matter which I don’t want to get in. Let me talk about what is my take on working from home vs. working from the office.

In my case, there was no official arrangement for this WFH system in our organization but I took special consideration from my superior for my health condition and stayed at home most of the time during this pandemic.

How was I benefitted working from home –

  1. I got enough rest working from home.
  2. I am at peace that there was no one to ask this or that.
  3. I had the freedom of working at any time of the day.
  4. No office gossips or discussions.

But I also suffered in some or other ways which are as follows:

  1. There were a lot of distractions at home.
  2. The work from home was taken for granted by both my superiors as well as family members.
  3. I spent more time in front of the screen unnecessarily.
  4. I lose the interpersonal skills which I sharpen every day by dealing with my colleagues.

So more or less, working from home neither helped me nor I could accomplish something extraordinary.

The literal meaning of the word, Demarcation is – “the action of fixing the boundary or limits of something“. A line is always drawn intentionally to differentiate between two similarly important aspects of life so that people don’t get confused about both and do things improperly.

To keep the discipline of office intact and the peaceful environment of home all the time, it is better to respect that demarcation between the two. I know, my major reason behind working from home, is my health condition, but if I will be asked to choose one, I will choose to work at the office for a stipulated time every day to keep a balance in life.


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