Everyone of us must have experienced a few embarrassing moments in our lives. Those awkward moments are sometimes too uncomfortable to discuss with anyone at that point of time, but later, they prove to be hilarious.

With my younger one, I happen to witness some embarrassing moments indeed. It was his first day in playschool and the parents were allowed to be with the child in the classroom. So, I was there with my son and there was another child whose father accompanied him. The man didn’t look young and had receding hairline and my son suddenly started calling him Dada (grandfather). Actually, just before a month, we had shifted from our hometown where we were living in a joint family and my younger one, too fond of his Dada, used to be with him only most of the time. My son’s pronunciation also wasn’t clear, and I quickly hushed him up- “No baby, he’s not Chacha (paternal uncle)”, and took him to other side of the room so that he could be with other kids. However, he kept on pointing towards that man for the rest of the duration and I felt awkward throughout.

There’s another instance involving my younger one only. This time it was the mall. Yes, the typical moment when the kids yell in front of everyone to get their wish fulfilled. We usually take utmost precaution not to go near the toy stores and carefully choose our way. We entered a clothing store and were choosing some stuff when suddenly we say kids lined up to have their chance to play a video game. The store had installed a gaming machine right in the middle, obviously to give the customers a peaceful shopping experience, so that the kids don’t nag and spend their time as their parents are shopping. However, getting a chance wasn’t easy as there were too many kids in the queue. Lo and behold! My little one got fascinated by it and wanted to play the game, but that would take another 30 minutes and so, we immediately decided to go out of the store. He started crying and we were trying to pacify him, but all our efforts went in vain and expecting the least, he literally was lying on the floor howling horribly. I tried to pick him up, but he was too adamant. We chose to leave him there and started walking, thinking that he will follow us, when suddenly a lady came to him and told him that his parents will leave him  if he didn’t get up. Immediately, he got up and ran up to us. I thanked her, embarrassed at the same time. She said, “It’s ok, it’s normal.” We smiled at each other and I was relieved.


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