When one has to live life alone in an apartment surrounded by concrete walls, life can get very overwhelming at times. My normal routine in such situations would be to take a walk, binge watch some series or have an ice-cream.

Not always life can be this boring, so, to satisfy my wanderlust, I planned a trip to Australia. A solo trip all by myself in Australia. I was all happy and excited while planning, packing dreaming about my vacation. It was almost a 17 day long trip starting from Melbourne to various other places and my last halt was Sydney. 

When I started my trip at Melbourne, the first few days went fine. Even though one doesn’t want to notice, as Australia is a popular destination for tourists, there were umpteen number people in all the beaches I visited, food plazas and even national parks. With so many people around, I still felt alone. During the first week itself, I felt alone many times, even more than when I just stick to my mundane routine of work and home. 

In addition to that, after a few days my sim card stopped working. So, I lost connectivity during the day and only when I was back at the hotel I could talk or chat with anyone. On the first day the sim hadn’t worked, I was so eager to be back at the hotel so that I could check my WhatsApp for any messages. I don’t know if that is just me,  somehow my connection with people is mostly through messages. I was kind of addicted to checking Whatsapp quite a few times back then. To my surprise, there was not a single message. I lived without sim card for almost 5 days, and each passing day my interest for checking my phone has reduced. At first, there was no signal, eventually, I realized no one messages me unless I do. Wait, what? Is this really true? It was a moment of shock than realization. 

For the very first time, I felt like throwing my phone away. May be, I felt helpless and weak. I could not stop the tears rolling down my eyes. Who stands at the iconic Sydney Opera house to cry? I don’t know. At that point I didn’t even care who was watching me crying. There were thousands of people that day,  as many plays were planned through out the day. By evening, more and more people gathered. I think the night life of Sydney is spectacular near the Darling Harbor, so many people spend their evening roaming around in that area. There I was crying, wondering why I should be the only one alone? 

I can’t remember how much time it took to regather myself. I took my camera and headed to take some pictures. This was a distraction from the thoughts that were bothering me. While I was busy with my forced distraction strategy, a small head popped in front of my camera  lens He posed for a picture. then made a gesture to me to show his picture. It was a little boy, could be 5 year old dressed like a batman. He gave me so many poses, smiling and asking to take more and more pictures. He asked me to show those pictures and and every time he had a large smile on his face with enlarged eyes. 

I don’t know who that boy is or where he is now. At that time he was no less than angel. I have heard many times, it gets easier during tough times if there is some to lend a shoulder or talk with. Our friends and family mostly do the job of cheering us up when we are feeling low. In that instance, I realized how powerful a smile is and it can come even from a stranger. What’s more pure than a kid’s smile. Nothing. There is nothing that could have made that moment better. I won’t ask for anything more either. Even today, when I feel low, I browse through those pictures which brings an instant smile. I feel some connection with that boy which makes me feel less lonely. He left a lasting impact which cheers me up every time I think about him.

What are the five best up’s in life? Buckle up, Start up, Keep it up, Don’t give up, Cheer up.”
―  Vikrmn

2 thoughts on “CHEER UP SAID WHO?? BAT MAN

  1. Completely loved reading it!!!! I may be saying it over and over but wouldn’t mind saying it again – I am here, talk to me anytime you want, anything you want. I might cheer you up 😊 and vice versa. When shall we catch up then? Mean it with all the seriousness in the world I can muster.


  2. Wow that was really a little angel in disguise… Turning up when you really needed him.. I admire you for what you are.. solo trip is such a cool idea..


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