The Unanswered Prayers

The current pandemic has hit all of us in some way or the other. It’s like a dreadful dream which doesn’t cease to end. Initially, we never thought that it’s going to continue for so long. All the scientists and doctors are putting their best, yet the cure is still far away.

We have adjusted ourselves to the new normal- not stepping out until essential, wearing masks and social distancing. However, it’s getting very difficult for young children to get accustomed to this situation.

When the online classes were started, there was a little excitement, but now the children are wearing out. Especially my son, who just celebrated his 9th birthday, his first without his friends, really longs to go back to school. Every day he prays to God that COVID vanishes, everyone recovers and the normal life comes back. Almost every fortnight, he cries once and vents out his feelings. But this time, he felt so miserable that he said he was not going to ask anything from God as He wasn’t listening to his prayers. He said he was angry with God because he has been praying every day since February. I agreed with him, saying that COVID hasn’t gone, in fact cases have been increasing only, but this doesn’t mean that we stop praying. I also told him about the good things that it’s God only who has  kept us safe and together, besides he could also get so many gifts on his birthday, but my son failed to pay any heed to me and cried.

The start of the year witnessed an unimaginable arrival of a peculiar virus. As the year progressed, everyone waited for the weather change, thinking if that may help restrict the spread. The year is proceeding towards the end, but the end of the virus is still iffy. All these months we have been inside our homes, frustrated and complaining, yet safe and together with our nearest ones. I keep telling my son that God listens to the prayers, its only that sometimes He takes a lot of time. He has His own time and own ways and we can only wait and pray. It’s just sometimes that our patience is tested to the core!

3 thoughts on “The Unanswered Prayers

  1. So beautifully written… Can’t blame the children even we adults have begun to despair.. but then as you rightly said.. God has his own ways. Lets pray and wait ..


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