The story in the flashback…

Just as she was thinking about her live-in relation with Suyash, the doorbell rang. Riddhima went to answer the door. It was Suyash with a pizza box in his hand.

Hi!” Suyash said.

Oh, you didn’t tell me that you are going to get pizza today,” Riddhima said, surprised, as she bolted the door.

What? Why should I ASK you? We are not married, so stop behaving like a typical wife.” Suyash retorted as he placed the pizza box on the table.

Why are you over-reacting? I just asked you a simple question. I had already made dinner for us, so that is why I was asking.” Riddhima said angrily.

Dinner!!! Oh my my! You made dinner. Hahaha! Well, now tomorrow you will say you want a baby. Cut it now, what’s going on in your mind Riddhu?” Suyash asked sarcastically.

Oh, c’mon Suyash! Please STOP over-reacting”, Riddhima pleaded. “I told you the other day my physician advised me not to have outside food frequently as it’s not gut-friendly. That’s the only bloody reason I cooked. Besides, I was going to discuss with you about hiring a cook. I have already asked our maid to send someone”.

Another intruder into our privacy! What’s there to discuss when you have already decided?  Besides, I am least interested in these maid talks. Keep this stuff to yourself only. Now, excuse me and let me have the pizza before it gets cold.” Suyash said as he sat down to have his food.

Riddhima too went into the kitchen, reheated the arhar dal and jeera aloo that she had prepared and served herself. She preferred to have her dinner in the bedroom as she was upset with the cold behaviour of Suyash.