The images of Riddhima’s life in Delhi were grim and as she was lying on the bed with her eyes wide open, all of them danced in front of her. Was that a life she was leading there? There was an utter silence prevailing in that house all the time, but there wasn’t any peace. There was no chaos in that house, but her heart and mind were restless always. There were no arguments or quarrels, but there were no conversations either. There were many beautiful people living in that house but there was no life in their togetherness. Everything at that house seemed beautiful but it was a house without a life. That house was nothing but a beautifully decorated tomb.

Riddhima felt like crying but there was nothing that she remembered for which she can actually cry. She wished if Avinash could have stayed with her little longer. He has always been her pillar being her childhood best friend. He has always stood beside her even if there were so many who could have stood beside her at those times when she needed them the most.

She saw her mobile screen flashing. There was a call. It was Avinash. “Hello, Avi! You reached?” She picked up as if she was so desperately wanting to hear from her childhood buddy.

I knew you must be awake even if it is past 12AM. Yeah, I just landed and walking towards the parking lot to catch my cab. And please sleep quickly and try to get a life, now.” He said as they talked for sometime before hanging up.

Huh, life!” She sighed as she remembered Avinash talking about crossroads when he was here a few hours ago. She got up from her bed and walked towards the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. She opened the fridge and took out the bottle. Pouring the water from it to a glass, she kept it back inside the fridge and started sipping the water while walking back towards the hall. She saw the torn pizza packet lying on the table and smirked. She could relate her life to that torn packet which had lost its value of being used again. She kept the glass on the tea table and picked up the packet and a few crumbs that had fallen here and there. He gathered them all and threw them in the dust bin kept in that room.

She then picked up the glass from the table and walked back to her room. She kept the glass, covering it with a coaster, and sat on her bed again, trying to sleep.