“Think once again, it’s not too late,” said concerned Avinash to Riddhima as he saw her sign the rent agreement. But determined Riddhima didn’t buzz, not even lifted her stare from the pages as she finished the formality and accepted the keys to her new abode and showed the same to Avinash smiling.

Welcome back Miss. Stubborn” Avinash hesitantly accepted her decision. And within two weeks the house was set. As Avinash was working on settings of the house Riddhima came with coffee and persuaded Avinash to take some rest.

Come on Avi, take a break, you need it. You have been working since morning, in fact since the day the deal was finalized” as she handed over the coffee mug to Avinash. “What shall I order today, it’s my treat, your wish is my command” Riddhima playfully said while surfing some online food portals.

Avi fixed his gaze at her face “whom are you trying to fool, you think I don’t know what pain you are going through. You are trying to run away but from whom. Look, we can together try to fix this and for that, you don’t have to come and stay so far. Do you fear of crossing paths with those who wronged you? I am with you, why are you letting your apprehensions get better of you? Please let’s go back. I was never in favour of you coming to this far off place. You have never been away from your city, city where you grew up, that has your family…” and as Avi let his emotions flow Riddhima questioned, “how about a Pizza?”

This almost irked Avinash “you think this is a joke?”

A sarcastic smile escapes Riddhima’s face “Avi you know me so well!!! I needed this space” silencing Avinash.

After a while…

The pizza was delivered, they savored it. Few more chores were settled and Avinash took leave. Avinash was Riddhima’s childhood friend. Professional commitments brought him to Kolkata whereas Riddhima was in Delhi all these years.

As soon as he left an eerie silence engulfed. Riddhima lied on her bed tossing uncomfortably. Is it the new place, new beginning, or the old memories that kept her up? She couldn’t understand. She sharply stood up and sat upright, perplexed as her past rallied in front of her eyes…