The two main reasons I feel we are often misunderstood is because of bias and our past. We tend to forget the most important, the present, and the future that can be totally ruined due to misunderstandings. Past may not be relevant in the present or define our future, even then, we continue to give it more value.



  1. An interesting way to interpret things on past and future. I agree the Present is valid though I feel the past keep defining who we are as a person, identity and the lessons or education shaping us. Of course, gloating too much in the past pushes us to be fettered translating into anxiety while being too much about the future can lead to depression, like a Psychologist friend explained to me. I really appreciate your thoughts, Aastha:)

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  2. Cannot agree more with this quote!! While the past needs to be treasured, dwelling too much on the past shuts the mind and limits the avenues for present and future exploits. Be it praiseworthy or deplorable, the past always makes way for the present and the present for the future.
    A power-packed quote!!

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