PROMPT: Standing in front of the mirror she didn’t like what she saw…
(Image Credit: Google Inc.)

Standing in front of the mirror she didn’t like what she saw. Her face had a haggard look, roots of hair showing white. Crows feet beginning to develop near her eyes. When did this happen? When did she let go of herself?

Mummy can’t find my physics book“, the call brought her out of her thoughts. “Mumma I am hungry…” said the second one she smiled. Pulled her hair in a messy bun rushing off to look for the book and make breakfast…
Surprise!!!” Her hubby and sons shouted in unison… “Breakfast is ready for the queen of the house.” The elder son gave an exaggerated bow.  “Happy mother’s day Mom“, pecked the younger one on her cheek while her husband was just smiling at her.
Sitting in the spa later, she wondered that she had not let go of herself she had spent the time in building a family.

13 thoughts on “A SURPRISED MOM

  1. Sometimes surprises like this brings us out from our routined melancholic mood and rejuvenates us again to spend our times for our beloveds.

    What a beautiful presentation and short story that you have written, Kuljeet.

    A lot of blessings! 🤗🤗


        1. No it’s not a real life experience. But it’s a very strong hint to my family of what I am expecting next Mother’s Day.. Hope the get it.. 😁😁😁😁

          Liked by 1 person

      1. True… especially when it has to be of limited words!!
        But, your story captures the attention of the reader while drawing home a reality 🙂


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