It is not a very easy question to ask or answer, that what mistakes the parents are doing and what are the reasons behind a child’s unruly, uncivilized, unprecedented behaviours. But there are definitely reasons and the ways to rectify them.

I am not a parent as I don’t have any children of my own, yet from the time this topic was raised, I have been thinking over it from a psychological, sociological and Biblical point of view. And I came up with THREE very valid thoughts (not reasons) concerning a child’s such unacceptable behaviours.

Those THREE Thoughts Or 3 P’s are – Psyche, Parents and Peers. Let’s get into the details of each one after the other.

Psyche of Human: The world is getting worse and worse in regards to morality as the days pass by. The psyche of human being is so corrupt, occupied and entangled with the sinfulness that it suppresses every good things under it and never allows them to surface above. I will give you a picture of how sin entangles us.

I was watching a series on Netflix. I usually and am supposed to sleep at the earliest by 12 AM. That’s good for my health and also for the day to be followed. But the episodes became so interesting that I kept on watching till 3 AM and believe it or not, I finished 73 episodes of all 6 series within 13 days.

Sin exactly allures and entangles our minds like this. It keeps on capturing our attention and we fail to come out of it. When grown ups and wise people can fall, then the children are extremely vulnerable to the entanglements of sinful allurements that the media or mobile provide them.

Media, Mobile and Netflix are not wrong but our choices are. It is important for the parents to carefully think about the psyche of their children, the base on which their psyche is to be built upon, how do they can save their children from the sinful entanglements?

Parent’s Influence: Children are great imitators. They become arrogant if they see their parents arrogant. They become rebellious if they see one of their parents are rebellious to the other. As human we have a tendency to do what is prohibited. For example, a Whatsapp group is created for a purpose by the initiator. But people keep on posting whatever they wish to despite of multiple warnings from the admin of the group. Some people know that they are prohibited to do something, yet they push their wishes or work to the limelight.

Parents force their children to follow what the good they are doing but they should know that the negative attributes are always easy and attractive for their children (the human) to imitate, adopt and follow.

Peers’ Influence: My niece, Mihika always stays very quiet and shy when we all gather together sometimes. But when she sees a couple of children in the gathering she jumps, dances and runs along with them happily. We all have that tendency of being happy with our peers and so are the children at large.

The lockdown has opened up the floodgates of free flow interactions on internet for everyone including the most vulnerable, the children. They follow to match up with their peer. One peer from the other, to reach the level. There’s influence, pressure and competition between them that the parents can find if they study and be observant very closely.

Are you alarmed? Are you worried for your little ones?

Stop that Me Time. And bring about Our Time in the family.  The very concept of “Me Time” is the greatest deception of the present generations offered by the devil to destroy human togetherness, unity and connection from a person to person and from person to God. They were part of God’s original plan.

So my dear parents, sit down with your better-halves, with your children and plan out to work on the thoughts I discussed with you today. In case, you find them useful.

Stay Blessed!