It’s raining heavily.. Neha is running blindly on the road.. Saurabh called out to her “Neha Neha stop.. talk to me..” She shudders and keeps running without turning.. Saurabh is right behind her and suddenly out of nowhere a car hits Neha and she is flung across the road and is lying in a pool of blood…

“NEHAAA.. shouts Saurabh.” 

He realises he is not on the road he is in his bed completely drenched in sweat. It was a dream.. a nightmare.

He keeps getting this recurring nightmare since he woke up from his coma two months back.. This name Neha feels very important to him. But try as he might he can’t remember who she is. In all of his dreams the moment he is about to see her face something happens and she is lost to him..

He was confident that finding out about Neha would be a key to him getting his memory back.

Saurabh had very hazy memories of his life after his accident.. He was very hurt and in and out of various hospitals. He had flashes of memory of excruciating pain, different hospital rooms and people in doctors coat or nurses uniform mulling around him, trying to talk to him but nothing they said made sense.

Only one name felt right – Neha.

Saurabh had tried asking his mother about Neha too but she always used to react with anger… “Don’t take the name of that witch in front of me. She is the one responsible for your plight. She took my one and only son away from me. You don’t remember me, your mother properly but you are worried about that witch Neha.. God why don’t you listen to my prayers. Help me.. ” and she would either start crying or muttering under her breath. Saurabh used to get a headache after such sessions. So he stopped asking his mother about Neha. Rest of his family was also not much help. They had all been warned by the doctor not to stress Saurabh and let his memory come back on its own.

Days were moving but to Saurabh it seemed like he was stuck in a weird memory game. He was still visiting Dr. Rajan once a month.. The doctor was a very jovial man. He was very confident about his complete recovery. “Don’t worry Saurabh you will solve this memory game very soon. Your body has healed completely, only the mind has to open up.” Dr. Rajan had said in his today’s visit.

Walking out of the clinic Saurabh just started walking on the road towards a park.

Children were playing and mothers were chatting, hawkers were peddling their wares but oblivious to all that Saurabh was just walking lost in his thoughts.

Suddenly on the slide besides him a mother called out to her toddler son “Rishi take care you will fall.” He turned. A mother was calling out to her son. But his body reacted as if someone was calling him. 

He started walking in the park again. But he could not get this word out of his mind.  Why was this name so familiar? Rishi Rishi Rishi.. he could hear a voice call out to him.. “I love you Rishi”. He could hear the tinkling of her bangles. He could hear her laughter.

Rishi sat on the bench lost in his world. Something had stirred in his memory. That name Rishi had thrown a pebble in the still pond of his memory and every ripple it created was bringing up new scenes in his mind. He could see scenes in his mind which he never knew had happened.. With eyes closed he finally saw her face –  The beautiful Neha. She was smiling … She was laughing.. she was teasing him.. she was dancing… All the memories slowly poured into his mind. 

He now knew his past- he remembered Rishi, he remembered Neha.

3 thoughts on “MEMORY GAME – VI

  1. Kuljeet… you deserve a jhappi for this episode. It is so well articulated. Nothing short of a scene from a bollywood movie. This is beautiful. Short,crisp, to the point!

    I have a big challenge in front of me to continue this episode with as much perfection. Very well written!


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