2 years later:

Rhea… Rhea… come fast I am dialing in. I can’t wait to talk to Mano and Satya” called out Murli from the bedroom.
Coming Murli, just 2 mins.” Responded Rhea from the kitchen.
All the confusion of same initials leading bitter sweet experiences eventually paved way to a great friendship between the two families. It was their weekly ritual to video call each other every Saturday.
A lot had happened in the two years that went by. Mano and Satya had played a role of catalyst in the life of Murli and changed it for good.
If it wasn’t for Satya to send Rhea to the right house and then check on Murli out of concern about what was the whole fight about, Murli would have never been hitched to Rhea. The casual but persistent leg pulling of why Rhea was looking for him and pairing them and constant teasers by Satya and Mano had finally made both of them fall in love. And now they were a newly married couple drowned in love. Rhea had filled Murli’s black and white life with beautiful colours and Murli gave her the much needed love. Rhea would always say that she shall always be indebted to Satya and Mano for thinking of this alliance. That’s how a life policy seller a life maker of this man called Murli.
In the mean time, an onsite project was assigned to Mano and hence they had to move to Germany for 3 years. Nevertheless, distance didn’t matter their friendship with Murli and Rhea. They would be in touch regularly and video call every week.
Hìiiiiiiiiiiiii…. ” shrieked Satya as soon as the video call started.
Hellloòooooo…” responded Rhea with equal enthusiasm and joy while both the M Swamys’ greeted each other with their usual “what’s up bro” kindda question.
You look very excited Satya! What’s the matter?” Murli asked
How can I not be excited Murli?? There is something that we want to share with you” Satya chuckled
Wait, let me guess… are you guys moving back to India?” Rhea chipped in.
Arre no… two more years for that ya… but there is something big happening before that.” Mano clarified.
What is it now tell fast, we can’t wait.” Said Rhea impatiently.
Well…. we are expecting a baby. We had our first ultrasound today and we heard the heartbeats.” Said Satya somewhat shyly.
Whatttttt, that’s the best news!!! Congratulations guys…wow! We are going to have a junior Swamy!” Exclaimed Rhea and Murli in unison.
But guys, we want a promise from you…” said Mano with a straight face.
Don’t worry bro, this stays between us. We won’t discuss it with anyone else. Tell me, what is it?” Murli assured and Satya and Rhea were listening intently.
Promise us guys… that when you have a baby, you won’t name him or her with the same initials as that of our baby!” Mano broke into laughter while saying this and so did all others.
Later in the night:
Murli, did you see how happy Satya was?”
Yes, of course Rhea. A baby does that to all isn’t it?
Right Murli, but this is different. Satya will be the best mother in the world. I remember she telling me about how difficult it was to grow up in an orphanage and not know about parents and not get a love from mother. That time she had mentioned that she will love her child a lot, give him or her the best of everything, everything that she never got but craved for.” Rhea recounted the episode a little emotionally.
Oh Murli, I forgot to tell you.” Rhea came out from the emotional episode and jumped to her senses. She quickly opened the drawer of the writing table and handed over a letter to Murli.
Murli, see this. I got this yesterday in our mailbox. Doesn’t look like a normal correspondence. Sorry, I forgot to give it to you yesterday.
Ah.. show me what is it” Murli took the letter from Rhea in a jiffy and tore the envelope carefully to pull out a sheet of paper.
The expression on Murli’s face changed as he progressed to read the letter. Clearly, there was something to worry about.

2 thoughts on “HAD IT NOT BEEN SAME? – V

  1. Oh wow.. two years leap.. amazing..loved the way the story is traveling.. and interesting end.. waiting to see how it moves now .


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