Next morning Satya was standing in the balcony thinking about yesterday’s events. Her cheeks were still burning with embarrassment. “How could I be such a fool? Why did I just assume that the invitation was for us when we hardly know anyone?” 

Anyway this was a very weird situation. Feels like a glitch in the matrix. I mean just imagine what are the odds of two M Swamys staying in the same building same floor right next door….??

Manohar came out into the balcony to find his wife lost in thought. “Come on Wifey.. Let bygones be bygones.. Lets enjoy this perfect Sunday morning.”

The whole day was spent in setting up the house as there were still quite a few boxes left unopened. “Phew this house moving and setting up is a tiring job. Lets catch a movie in the evening and dinner after that” said Manohar trying to cheer up his still morose wife.

A week went by…

Mr. Murli seemed very busy in his work. That suited Manohar and Satya too as they didn’t want to cross paths and be reminded of the party. But mix ups kept happening as both were new to the society the watchman and neighbours also didn’t recognise them. So one day the mail was mixed up the second day the bills. They just pushed it under the door of the other Mr. M Swamy if it was not theirs.

Saturday evening again… Intercom just buzzed and the watch man said there is a lady at the gate to meet Mr. Swamy. “A lady? Who has Mano called over without even telling me. To top it all he isn’t even at home. This man is so forgetful!” thought Satya. “What name did she give?“asked Satya to the watchman. “Madam is saying she is Riihaaa..” the watchman stammered at the name. 

Weird sounding name anyways send her in..” said Satya.

When Satya opened the door a very beautifully dressed lady maybe in her late twenties was at the door. Obviously she was dressed for a party. And had a very confused expression on her face. 

Is this Mr. Swamy’s house?


I mean Mr. M Swamy…?

Yes” said Satya suppressing a smile, by now she had realised what the mistake was but she was enjoying this little charade. Actually because this time someone else was squirming under the spot light confused…

Anyways she put her out of her misery and said you mean “Mr. Murli Swamy? You are at the wrong door. This is Mr. Manohar Swamy’s house.

The lady still confused said, “But the watchman said…” 

I know this is a regular here. Two M Swamys living on the same floor. ” “That door leads to Mr M Swamy you are looking for” Satya pointed out. 

Thanks a lot. ” she said and smiled “I am Rhea by the way. the watchman really didn’t know how to pronounce it“. Said the lady. 

Satya went back to her household chores after saying bye to Rhea. Later she heard some raised voices coming from that flat. A man and woman were arguing. It had to be Murli and Rhea. The sounds were coming from that house. Satya peeked through the eye hole but couldn’t see a thing. “Oh What a racket they were creating. Looks like something serious.

Anyways its none of my business.” She watched TV. Mano was out with his friends. Perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest Netflix drama. 

After about an hour or so she heard a crash and a door banged and out came a very angry Rhea and went straight to the lift. Lift door banged shut and all was silent. Satya wondered which drama was more intriguing the one on TV or the one outside. 

Next day morning they were sitting down for breakfast when they got a call on the intercom.

Mr. Swamy this is Mr. Kapoor” Said a very serious sounding voice “I am the chairman of this society.” 

See Mr. Swamy I know you are new in our society and don’t know the rules. We take the decorum of the society very seriously. If you and your wife fight in such loud voices and then throw things and bang doors. Others are also affected. We have senior citizens living here and children. We have got complaint about the ruckus you and your wife created yesterday…

What???” Said Manohar. “I didn’t fight with my wife” “What raised voices what banging?? I don’t understand you.” Retorted the confused and little angry Manohar.

But Satya did. “Oh no not again” she thought. 

Once all the misunderstandings were cleared and explanations given and apologies sought. Both Satya and Manohar sat at the dining table with their hands on their heads. Only with one thought echoing in their mind. 

“Had it not been the same…”

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