So, Mr. Bose, now that the confusion is resolved, we would again like to apologise to you and Mr. Murli as well and would like to take your leave.” Manohar said, holding his wife Satya’s hand, who was smiling sheepishly.

Oh! Come on now Mr. Swamy. You don’t need to be. Besides, after all this, I can’t let two of you go without having dinner.” Mr. Bose said.

Oh yes! In fact, because of this namesake, I had such a good laughter after so many days.” Murli said, grinning.

No, we landed here just like that, committing faux pas, should have ĺthought about the invitation card. It’s our fault we came without thinking a bit. We are already too embarrassed to stay.” Satya spoke in dismay.

Murli turned his face to Satya, looked into her eyes and said, “It’s perfectly ok, Mrs Swamy. Please don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I brought you two to accompany me.” He said, smiling from ear to ear.

Satya, who was also looking at Mr. Murli, blinked her eyes, breaking the short eye contact and turned her head to fix her hairdo.

Absolutely, Mr. M.Swamy, Mr. M.Swamy & Mrs Swamy, be our guests and enjoy the rest of the party”, Mr. Bose said, signalling a waiter, and handed Murli a drink. Satya, however refused one and picked up a glass of water for herself.

You two, just enjoy and please don’t feel weird about anything. I have got my car, so we can go back together after dinner.” Murli said to Manohar and Satya, excusing himself as he had to go to meet his friends.

Oh! Okay”, Manohar said.

No thanks”, Satya interrupted. “We will book a cab.

Save fuel and care for the environment”, Murli turned back and shouted as the volume of the music was getting louder. “I will see you in a few minutes”, he said and went away.

Such a funny guy he is”, Manohar said, sipping his drink.

It’s all my fault Mano, I should have checked first, but I got so excited at the glance of party invitation only that I completely neglected the norms. Obviously, hardly anyone knows us here and inviting for a party is out of question.” Satya said

Calm down sweety. Its all right. Just enjoy. It was destined for us to come here.” Manohar tried to persuade Satya.

Yeah…destined…Had it not been same” She thought in her mind.