Mano, we have got an invitation for a party this evening… look at me and tell, how do I look?” Satya giggled as she took a selfie of her and sent to her husband on whatsapp while talking to him over the phone.

Wow, Satya! It is not even a week and we have got invitation from people. Looks like you have become quite popular in no time, han!” Manohar teased his wife as he clicked on download to see his wife’s image.

Stop mocking me, Mano and quickly tell me, how do I look!” Satya responded pretending to be angry.

Arre baba, it’s downloading. Even the internet finds it difficult to download the image of my gorgeous wife.” He laughed teasing her more.

I am not going to give you dinner tonight, you see.” Satya said sternly though she was smiling on this end as well.

You don’t need to give me dinner tonight, baby… You only said we are invited… Oh by the way, where do we have to go for the party, my love?” He kept smiling as he asked.

It’s…Mmm… The Royals, 17, Bhardwaj Lane.” She said.

Oh I know that place, everyday I cross that when I come to my office… And by the way, you look amazing, my love and please do me a favour, keep my suit ready as well.” He said and they both hung up exchanging their electronic kisses over the phone.

In the evening, when Manohar came back to home, he was greeted by Satya who was already ready with her make up and all. And within an hour time they both went out in a cab for The Royals, 17, Bhardwaj Lane.

At The Royals, Mrs. & Mr. M. Swamy were greeted with smiles and drinks. Both the husband and wife were delighted with the arrangements, decorations, mock-tails, starters and main courses. Most importantly, the way they were greeted by people present there was overwhelming for both of them. They had never expected such a grand party even when they were so new to the place, to all of them.

Finally, Mr. Bose, the organizer and the host of the party took the center stage when Mrs. & Mr. M. Swamy had a good look at their host. He didn’t look very familiar to them and Mr. Swamy started to wonder who this old gentleman is.

When Mr. Bose held the microphone, he showed his uttermost gratitude to all the invitees for acknowledging his invitations and declared that he is going to announce something very special for his close friends and acquaintances. But he said, he is expecting someone very dear to him who hasn’t been here yet… So he will wait for another 15 minutes to let everyone know why he threw this special party inviting all of them.

But his secretary quickly walked close to him, switching off the microphone he whispered something in the old man’s ears to which he reacted and asked, “What? I never knew that Swamy has a wife and you say, that he is here with his wife? Where is he then?”

Somehow, Mr. M. Swamy started to feel apprehensive about something that he is realising then. But when he looked at his wife, she was very busy and was happily chattering with other women invited at the party. He looked at Mr. Bose, who was kind of looking very serious while discussing with his secretary, who just pointed his finger at Manohar. 

Who the heck both of you are? This is a private party and a very special one…” Mr. Bose was fuming. He is an old man of 72 and very loving yet very particular about what he does. He had already bashed his secretary, Sandeep and now he was asking for an explanation from, Manohar and Satya. Manohar was dumbfounded whereas Satya was already in tears.

I… I ammm…Mr. M. Swamy… Sirr…” He uttered stammering.

“Liar, you can’t be Swamy… You both are cheats… Sandeep, call the police…” Mr. Bose could not be controlled and the pleasant party was already on fire.

Sirr… We are not lying… there’s a mistake… I am Manohar Sw….” Manohar pleaded with Mr. Bose to listen to him, but he didn’t pay heed to them at all and said again, “Did you call the police, Sandeep?

No need of calling the police, Mr. Bose, these two are not cheats but my next door neighbours.” The most awaited Mr. M. Swamy finally entered into the scene, drawing everyone’s attention towards him.

Swamy? What do you mean? Where were you all these time?” Mr. Bose’s anger cooled down right away seeing Murli.

Yes, Mr. Bose, I found the invitation card a while ago only when I saw it fallen on the staircase leading to my apartment. And I rushed to this place immediately assessing the situation here…” He chuckled and continued to speak. “This confusion was created because of our names. He is also M. Swamy, Mr. Manohar Swamy and his beautiful wife, Satya, who thought they were invited without investigating it further out of sheer innocence.” Murli looked at them and winked assuring that nothing will happen now. And all around them including Mr. Bose understood what could have really happened – Had it not been same.

That evening’s raging storm subsided with a fits of laughter afterwards.

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