Lockdown or no lockdown we spend a considerable amount of time on social media. Some derive useful information and enhance their knowledge while some use it purely for entertainment purpose. And I fall somewhere in between. And the penchant for entertaining ourselves has gone up a notch higher during this pandemic period because media houses are anyways busy scaring us with numbers and what not. Let’s not talk about that. So as I was pacing up and down my Facebook page I stumbled upon a quiz shared by one of my friend on her page. It was about testing the English vocabulary of a person. And my friend captioned it to be boring. I can understand her saying so as she is a pro at the language. There might be nothing surprising for her in that quiz. So I thought why not check myself and where do I stand in my knowledge of the words.

Now I will be “Succinct” which means straight to the point. This is the first time I came across this word, a good addition to my vocabulary and precisely how we shall be. It will save lot of time and avoid miscommunication arising out of ambiguity.

Well there are innumerable examples to “Corroborate” which means, to support) this statement. For instance a majority of people from political clan especially to the land I belong to are far from being succinct. Rather they “Prevaricate” (talk in a manner to avoid or transgress) more often than not to address the issues. And how clear communication is important for any relationship is a well know fact. Not going to use “Hackneyed” (which means overused) statements here.

To be precise I enjoyed the game very much. And scored well too without the help of Google dictionary😁😉. And I learnt new words that you would see me using me more often now.

Moral of the story: Not every Facebook proposed game is useless 😁.


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