A perfect woman who can be?


One who cooks n launders,

And keeps the house spic n span?


One who nurses her family,

Keeping vigil long nights when they are taken sick?


One who births n raises children,

Meeting their every need as they grow?


One who lends a helping hand,

To the family’s treasury?


One who aligns with stereotyped definitions,

Of possessing attributes of femininity?


One who sacrifices more than men,

To chalk out various means to reach the end?


One who is the pride of her father, husband and son,

For she helps keep their heads high up whether rain, hail or storm?


One who is the smart fair lady,

Men croon to make their own?


One who practices silently,

To endure ridicule, pain and scorn?


One who conquers mountains peaks,

And steers ships across tempestuous seas?


Ah well! A perfect woman you will not find,

‘coz there isn’t any of that kind!


Whether you look to the far north or south or to the east or west,

You’ll not find a woman perfect to everyone’s taste.


A bundle of imperfections she is,

Just the very same way a man is!


Yet, she is perfect!


Not perfect because of her dainty looks

Not perfect because she can cram or author too many books


Not perfect because she can sweat n toil

Not perfect because she can burn the midnight oil


Not perfect because she can bear and rear children

Not perfect because of her accomplishments


But, perfect because of the unique creation that she divinely is

To cherish her is God’s providence for unending bliss.


She is no man’s equal

Nor is any man her equal.


She stands on a pedestal,

Erected on God’s handmade ground.


The masterpiece of His creative potential,

Each woman is quintessential.


She is creation’s crowning glory along with the man,

None ever ought to meddle with God’s holy plan.