As soon as we started writing on this topic I fell sick. I mean, I am not saying I got sick because of the topic but the day when I got sick. Yeah! Last Sunday,  I fell ill. And while resting the whole week at home, I finished previous 18 episodes of Masterchef 6 India challenges and today I finished today’s episode which the 20th one.

Food of different kind and colour brightens my eyes and my tongue loves to taste everything on this earth apart from half cooked cuisines. Boiled foods are my favourites but half cooked, a big NO from me. I consider myself to be a big foodie and I don’t see what is served but whether it is tasty or not. 🙂

From childhood, I had keen interest in food and how it is prepared, like Siddharth, Kalpana’s son. His mom was generous to allow him but it wasn’t so with my mom. So, I discovered my skills only when started working here in Kolkata. And I am going to explain one such dish, which I consider it to be tasty, looked good and the idea behind it was good (Swad, Surat and Soch) 😉 …

One Saturday afternoon, I checked what’s there for the lunch and I found what… Potato chutney, daal and rice. It is not that I don’t like it, I love it but I was not in a mood to have the same, that particular day. So, I searched the shelf for something that can spice up the lunch. And I found what! A box full of Khai or Khoi. In English it is called fried paddy or puffed rice. This ingredient is a bland absolutely opposite to what I was looking for – chatpata – spicy.

I thought for a moment and put three handful of Khoi in a bowl of water to soak it. Then I drained the water and added a little salt. I roasted a pinch of cumin seeds and make a powder out of it. I added the same to my soaked Khoi. I am not a fan of chillies so I didn’t use them. You can use any spices in it as you wish.

To get a good hold, I added a little bit of bread crumbs in it and stir it. I mashed it well and made small round balls shaped out of the batter using my fingers and palm.

I heated the oil in a pan and fried these small ball shaped cuties. After a minute when they were fried well and were golden brown in colour, I took them out. I kept them on a paper to let the oil get soaked from those fried Khoi balls.

I chopped one big onion and fried it with Soya Sauce. Then I put that fried onion with soya sauce over all those fried stuffs that I had kept on the paper. To add to the beauty or garnishing, I kept two beautiful green coriander leaves on them.

Trust me! It tasted so well! My family loved it!

Sometimes, our life is bland and tasteless like those white fried paddies or Khoi. But when we surrender ourselves in the hands of The Masterchef, God… then He can create beauty out of us.

Stay Blessed!

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