I am an ardent fan of chai and my love for chai is well known by my family and friends.

I absolutely love ginger tea. The first thing that I must have in the morning is not a kiss from my husband but the ginger tea! Yeah.. no kidding.. I cannot function without my cuppa of a strong ginger tea. And I am so glad my husband respects my affair with ginger tea. In fact, he loves ginger tea too.

We are a little different than the couples our age. So we dont go out partying and dancing but yeah.. we go on chai dates. Chai dates are very special for us. Over the past 10 years, we have celebrated innumerable joys and have also gulped down handful of sorrows over ek cup chai.

We often head to a small chai tapri near Borivali railway station a little after mid night just to relish a bun muska and some ginger tea. Chai shops (not tapris) were a rarity until recently but wherever we would see one we had to stop buy. We have savoured various types of teas like varieties of green tea, yogi tea, milk tea, masala tea, kulhad chai, Russian tea and many more.

Chai is a therapy for me. Whenever I am down with fever or cold, a cup of chai made by hubby dearest works wonders. I am glad we both love chai so much because that way we have created a lot of special memories over last 10 years. My husband absolutely loves tea made by me so much so that even when we are at any relative’s place he insists that I make the tea. Our telepathy works great when it comes to tea. I can just make out looking at his face that he is craving for tea even at odd hours! And sometimes it works vice versa too!

Our dream date is to relax in a huge balcony, stretch our legs out and sip on a piping hot ginger tea and watch the sunrise and talk about life. Okay.. let me be honest, both of us are not early risers so if we cannot make it to sunrise we can definitely make it for the sunset!

Let the tea cups clink and let’s raise a toast for a happy life! CHEERS!!