Well, I am going to talk about a food that isn’t very exciting for people – Soups. But since the time my relationship with food has moved from “Eat for taste” to “Eat for nourishment”, my taste has changed too. I love doing simple things that aren’t heavy on my stomach and are nutritious and healthy.

I have always been fond of soups but since ages I have been having those Ready to cook soups which are so full of preservatives and tastes horrible if kept for a while. One fine day while doing our daily evening walks, my friend just casually mentioned that she cook soups for her hubby every day. And it struck a chord with me. Yes, I could also cook soups. 

For those who don’t know me, I am very lazy in cooking. My creativity totally gives up on me when it comes to culinary skills. I am big time foodie but my cooking really sucks. I have disappointed my son multiple times and once recently when I messed up baking a cake on Christmas. Only this morning while trying to roast foxnuts – I ended up burning them and throwing away the whole bunch of them. There are only a very few limited items that I am comfortable in cooking and I limit my cooking to that alone. Well, when I am alone – I try to experiment with food a bit but it is not a very common agenda in my “me time”. I can probably write another article on the number of disasters that I have done while cooking.

Well, so coming back to soups. Just the idea of cooking soup (and it sounded really straightforward) sounded good to me. This friend of mine gave me a few options and thanks to her – the way she explained, the soups turned out really well. 

So, the common goal for all soups was to pressure cook the veggies together. After the cool down a bit, grind them up in the mixer and cook for a while with salt and pepper. As simple as that. The fun begins at the combinations that can be tried out. 

The first one that I tried was Tomato and Onion. I took 3 tomatoes and one onion and with water just covering the veggies. I boiled them in the microwave for about 10 mins. Once done, I put the whole thing in the mixer for grinding. After that I cooked it for over 5 mins with salt and pepper. Added a couple of basil leaves on the top and had it with yummy soup sticks. It turned out to be so yummy that my confidence went up to the ceiling. 

There are a few more combinations that I tried

  • Broccoli and peas
  • Tomato, carrot and onion
  • Spinach with ginger and garlic
  • Mushroom and Broccoli
  • Tomato and Apple
  • Mushroom and almonds 

I love experimenting with the soups now mainly because I also know I am eating something super healthy and I love them.


  1. Your article reminded me of the soups I had in childhood. This was exactly the way my parents made soup…and all along I thought this to be the only way soups are prepared…till I got to taste soups in parties n restaurants 🙂 Try beetroot n carrot combination some time!


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