The beginning of every new year promises new dreams. As in the year 2018, me and my family mourned over the loss of not one, but two members (my paternal aunt and my maternal aunt’s husband), we prayed 2019 to be blissful for everyone. But, just as the page of new year’s calendar turned to the second month, there was one more untimely death in the family. My eldest cousin sister, who was still in shock of the demise of her mother (my paternal aunt), lost her husband. My brother-in-law, who was a jovial personality and was helping my sister to come out of the lament, left her suddenly, leaving her and the rest of the family in distress.

And, if this was not enough, God left us more devastated, as just after three days, my beloved cousin brother, who was going to turn 50 this year, left for heavenly abode. While my brother-in-law was being cremated, the shattering news of my cousin brother came. He was my beloved cousin who used to make me laugh, treat me often and keep my secrets. Meeting my relatives after a long  gap, particularly on such a situation was not imaginable for any of us. Watching your elders cry in front of you is one of the worst things to face. I was shattered too, but showed a composed me so that I could console my elders. Being emotionally weak, I never thought that I could watch anyone being cremated and that too my own big brother. I watched him burn in front of my eyes. The next day I dared to pick up his ashes too, along with my sister Prabhjot, just to accompany my father and uncle. I was more concerned of the pain that my elders were going through. 

“No more bad news”, we literally prayed to God to forgive us and stop punishing us like this. Till today, whenever I receive a phone call from my family members, there’s a big fear inside me and I just pray that everything’s all right. ‘Death is the inevitable truth’ and ‘life is too short’ are the two biggest things that I have learnt.

2019 was simultaneously a good year as well because there were three new births in my in-laws’ side of the family. With two nephews and a niece (much awaited girl in the family), there are little moments of joy in watching them accomplish their milestones, especially at this stage when my sons are growing bigger and more independent.

The year end proved to be a landmark for me as I got the recognition as a published author with my first book Realms of Life. The love and wishes I got from my family and friends have inspired me to write more. 

I feel time really flies. And with the blink of an eye, this year will also end, not to mention the decade too! With new hopes and dreams, I wish everyone a wonderful 2020!