Memories are like flowers which bloom time to time and probably never wither but fade away with the passing of time. Sometimes, we keep them as garlands or try to throw them in a dustbin though we fail to erase them completely.

I always keep memories close to my heart whether it is a bad one or a good one. Good and joyous memories always make me feel God’s grace in my life. Bad and difficult memories make me feel I am human, weak yet, God’s strength remains with me in every situation. So, let me take you back to my memory lane of Twenty-Nineteen.

It was a most painful year of my life. If I look back, my heart pains a lot and I just wonder if I could have gone back a few years back then I would have loved to change many things in my life so that 2019 would have been a better year for me. But as I said before, I take this year as the year of expecting God’s strength to be with me. You might ask me what are my pains, probably those who know me closely, they know what were my pains.

I also lost three of my very close friends. They didn’t die. They are very much alive. But they simply just left me uninformed. And the problem is, I can’t contact them even if I have two of their contact numbers. I have no idea about the third one.

Actually, some of our most painful memories center on our failures to make a wise decision or disobedience to His commands or lack of trust on His character while the most all the good things that we can remember are because of our obedience or the wise decisions that always bring success.

I can quote a Bible Verse in this regard:

The Lord commanded us to obey all these decrees and to fear the Lord our God, so that we might always prosper and be kept alive, as is the case today.

I really need to check on my life and where I falter to obey Him.

In the year 2019, I have a few satisfying moments for which I want to praise my God. As my Dost Aditi mentioned in her article that: “God has sent me to do better things in life. And I think I have found my calling. No, I am not heading to Himalayas and meditating my whole life but I will be right here, amidst all of you and serve the mankind that I am supposed to.” And I would like to say that, I could serve many people in this year. Moreover, it was God’s purpose in my life that I would be poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice.

In closing, I can say, I take the opportunity to praise my God for all the beautiful memories that He had granted me and I learned many things from the bad memories by introspecting on my follies this year in 2019.

Stay Blessed!

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