Sitting relaxed in your living room if you were to reflect on the past year, would you? It might sound a little uninteresting to start with but try it. Set aside half a day, cruise through your memory lane to unfold few events from the past year. For me, 2019 had many moments of beauty, grace, hope, and intrigue. I have made new friends and acquaintances. While I won’t say everything was silky smooth, there were points of low too.

As far as experiences go, this year I piloted a plane (:D) Yes, yes you read that right. Until the moment I was at the air force base, I had no idea if I would get a slot. I was super excited to be able to fly a plane. The number of controls in a flight cabin always seemed very confusing and overwhelming to me. The company I work for also manufactures jet engines, in fact, one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of engines that an AIRBUS 380 uses. There is an area in our office where an engine is set for display so that we employees can appreciate it. Every time I pass by that engine, I was amazed by how much engineering goes into designing one. That day, the feeling was amazing to understand the physics of flying the plane.


As we approached the pilot training area, they welcomed us, took our details along with proofs and deep inside I had a feeling of excitement that I cannot put into words. Our pilot trainer Alstair explained all the controls which put me at ease. As I sat in the pilot seat with aviation headset on, a music started reverberating in my ears (this is played by my brain and not the headset :D). The runway was beside the sea and that made it all the more beautiful. As we were taxing on the runway, with the control in my hand, my heart was filled with enthusiasm and eager to fly off the land. As I pulled the control, the flight started gaining elevation. Watching the elevation go higher and higher was just the starting of the whole experience. The landscape down below was beautiful. Switching between land and the sea with mesmerizing views of the greenery below I wondered how pilots don’t get distracted while they are getting trained. Many times, you would have had the same feeling too while the flight takes off or lands on your travels, but the magnificent views from the cockpit are unbeatable.

Entire time I was in the air, drifting the plane from left to right, right to left, making rounds it felt unreal. The landing was smooth too. Alstair was really impressed with how well I handled the plane. If you are an adventure junkie like me, please do try flying a plane. You would definitely thank me after that :p.

Flying a plane was never on my bucket list. I always thought, we can apply for training paying some amount, but we have to dedicate few months. Maybe, I should thank Google for making the effort to popup this ad on one of my pages which lead me to trying this. While this was totally unplanned, I realised doing things unplanned also has to be a top priority. After all, life is all about adventure :D. Every new encounter, new task, new exploration leads to experiences which expand our thought process.

New experiences whether good or bad leave us with one very obvious choice, that is to learn something new. This is the main principle on which evolution happens as well. All species including humans learn at each and every step of our life. Do you remember how you learnt to ride a bicycle? The fear of not being able to balance the bicycle exists in all of us. The day we ride it without the training wheels, our mind expands to a new fear-free horizon. In a similar way, our experiences expand our thoughts. As we grow older, ie., with every new experience, our thought process changes for better. As the saying goes, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”.

What did you experience in the past year that has blown your mind away? Please do leave your experiences in the comments. Make your bucket list for next year as “must-do’s” to spread your wings!!