After a while Rex decided to just distract himself from the recent events and went on to switch on the television. After watching some random sports channel for a while, he came across a familiar face on the News channel. “Isn’t this the same lady? Why is she on the news?”

He browsed across all news channels. It was all over. Her face, her name and her connection Mr. Jay Kapoor. The more Rex watched it, the more intrigued he felt. 

How come he found this drunk lady who is the wife of would be health minister on the beach in that condition? What pushed her to take such a drastic step? How did she even land up in that situation?” 

The news said that she slept with some random guy on the beach. It was possible, but he did not believe it. He had noticed that her eyes were naïve, she wouldn’t do something so drastic. But what was she running from? He could not stop himself from thinking about her over and over again.

Did somebody take advantage of her situation while she was unconscious and left her on the beach? Maybe she doesn’t remember anything about it? She might be in pain? Why did she cry and scream when he handed her over to the police?”

Rex was determined to find more about Reeta Kapoor. There was something that drew him towards her, he wanted to know her story, her pain. She was definitely in pain, a lot of it that was screaming through her eyes. And something inside of him told him that her pain is not very different than what he had gone through in last few years.

He started following every news channel for the whole story. One of the news channel had a man who was talking about the events of last night. This man claimed that he had saved Reeta from the police and she drove his car like crazy. He also mentioned that she threw him out of his own car and banged it. The name of the man was displaying on the news channel – Mr. Akash Mishra. Rex quickly picked up his phone and googled the name. Within a few mins, he figured out his Facebook ID. He was a musician and also had a page where he posted his videos and interacted with his minimal fans. His page showed up his phone number Rex took no time in dialing his number. Nobody answered. He left a message saying that he urgently wanted some information about Mrs. Reeta. But he hardly believed that he would get a reply. 

He continued to follow the story on the news. Akash mentioned the spot where the lady bumped his car. There was even a journalist on the spot on another channel saying – “As you all can see, this is the place where Mrs. Reeta drove Mr. Akash’s brand new car hysterically. When police tried to catch her and offered to drop her home – she ran from them too? Is this supposed to be the way of would be minister’s wife to behave? Can Mr. Jay Kapoor really handle the ministry when his own wife is getting rowdy under his nose?”

Rex recognized the spot, it was hardly 200 meters from her cottage. So, that is where Reeta ran from and landed on the beach. But why? 

Almost the same time, he got a call on an unknown number. Expecting maybe it was Akash, Jay quickly received it. “Hello Mr. Rex, we are calling from TV 10. We would like to talk to you about Mrs. Reeta Kapoor. We came to know from our sources that you rescued her from the beach and she spent the morning in your home. Can you please let us know more details?”

No, I cannot. And do not call me again.” Rex shouted at the journalist. 

In next half an hour, he received about 8 calls from different news channels – all inquiring about how Reeta spent the morning in his cottage. Fed up of this, Rex switched off his phone. He walked out and went to the spot where Reeta supposedly ran away from the Police. Last of the news channels were leaving the place. Rex got down and unsure of what he wanted to do at this spot and why he came there at the first place – he just randomly started walking around.

After walking about a kilometer, he came across a wall which was painted with a spray can. It was written “ERUPT” at multiple places on the wall. His feeling told him that this word was related to Reeta. But how and who wrote it? The paint looked fresh.

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