The car was literally going out of control. It was a new car, bought a week before and the boy had brought it to the pub for a show off to his friends. He had never expected to be in such a situation. He wanted to quickly get rid of this woman to save himself from the police and save the car. But before he could think anything he was out of the car and his car was heading aimlessly with an uncontrollable speed. While he was looking here and there to hide himself from the police, he heard a big thudding noise. He looked at that direction and found that the car had come to a halt after hitting the cemented slabs lying on the footpath on the left side of the road.

He didn’t wait even a second but ran towards it. Reaching the car, he pulled open the door and dragged the female out of it. What a woman you are? A rowdy woman…” He shouted as he saw her bewildered and confused appearance. But he could not have afforded more time shouting at her as the police van was closing in soon. He quickly pushed her away towards the road and got inside the car. Turning the steering wheel, he drove away disappearing into the darkness before the police van could reach there. 

Oh man, we missed that scoundrel and could not note down his number as well… we will find him soon… But who’s that… see there’s a lady on the road.” One police man came out of the van while talking to the other as it stopped there. They both rushed to the lady and tried to pick her up as she was continuously scolding that boy using all the foul languages that she knew.

Shut up, you drunk…! Stand still and come with us to the lock up…” The policeman said as the other switched on his phone flash light to see her face.

Arrre bapre… She is Reeta Kapoor… Take your hands off her, Shambu,” one policeman literally screamed at the other as he released his hands off her, saluting her…

Yeaaaassshhh…I am Reeta Kapoor, take your hands off me… I am the would-be minister, Jay Kapoor’s wife…” She hysterically laughed and pushed one of them and leaned back on the van.

We are sorry Ma’am… We can take you home, Ma’am.” Both of them pleaded together as they felt a bit scared.

Home… what is it???” She again laughed mockingly when she heard the word, ‘home’. The previous day’s incidents flashed in front of her eyes and she clenched her fists in a fit of anger and frustration. They kept engaging her in conversation while they called up the secretary of Mr. Kapoor and informed about Mrs. Reeta Kapoor. They were instructed to remain  wherever they were waiting, instead of bringing her home in the police van.

But as soon as she overheard that her husband was coming to pick her up, she started to run aimlessly even though her feet were unstable… “Enough is enough… I really can’t take it any more…”, she thought as she kept running. She let herself be lost in the darkness of the night letting her popular-famous-rich-respected-people-conscious husband worried and panicked. Her frustrations, her hurts, her disappointments were making her bitter as she ran like a carefree girl on the spongy sands, while tears rolled down her cheeks in pain and anger. Years of hurts simply burst out all at once after the night’s incident. And to her advantage, she slipped off the ridges of the road rolling down to the sandy beach below. The policemen frantically search for her and wondered where she vanished in the darkness.

When Mr. Kapoor arrived at that place, he found two helpless and scared policemen. Mr. Jay Kapoor could not speak in anger but he just asked his secretary to go with his people and search for his wife and bring her safely and secretly to home as soon as possible.

“Oh… my image… will surely be ruined today because of this silly, foolish woman…” He thought, gritting his teeth as he kept avoiding his people and walked back and forth on the road before returning back to his house. He kept dialling her number relentlessly but there was no response as Reeta was not in a condition to even hold her phone. She was unconscious and lying on the spongy sands in the cold.

In the morning, Jay could not help but went for a very important press conference ignoring about the previous night’s happenings. He really couldn’t afford to search his stupid wife leaving all his important arrangements for which he had been working day and night, trying to keep up with different government officials, compromising with his values.

When Reeta opened her eyes, she found herself on a bed which didn’t look familiar to her. She held her head with her hands and tried to sit up when she found a man entering the room. She didn’t like what she saw, in fact a fear swept through her. Squinting her eyes, she looked at the man and opened her mouth to ask when she was interrupted by him.

Don’t worry Miss… I am a bird watcher and was on the shore. And when something lying on the sand caught my attention, I ran towards it. I found you there lying unconscious. I rushed to my car with you in my arms.” The man explained in detail what had happened without her knowledge. She checked her dress involuntarily and found she was in the same black dress with sand still sticking to it.

Trust me… I haven’t crossed my limits in anyway, Miss. I was waiting for you to wake up so that I can give you little food and some juice to strengthen you. You need them right now.” He replied again politely.

Thanks for all these…” She nodded as she appreciated what he had done for her. She was terribly hungry. Without wasting any more time, she walked up to the dining hall and ate what he served on her plate.