As the constable approached and was almost at a one hand distance she sprayed the colour in her hand which she was shaking vehemently as if she was ready dampening the clothes of the constable and leaving him baffled, fuming vigorously, determined on catching this miscreant.

She dodged him as if she had a spring in her stride.  She was setting the mood of her night and clearly didn’t care for the consequences today.  She wasn’t sure though  of how long she would be able to remain abreast in this chase as the constable already made his way towards the jeep signalling with his whistle.

Every fraction of second she turned her head and checked the status of the chase as to where is the constable. She saw him getting into the jeep and directing it towards her and suddenly she was taken aback by the screeching wheels. “Come on get into it” a voice urged.

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She didn’t care to see who it was and jumped into the car straightway, “Go Go Go!” she exclaimed in excitement as she hurried up the driver as her eyes were still fixed on the constable and party who were now in a mouse and cat race with this lady and the new entrant into the scene.

As the car accelerated and the lateral distance between the two machines increased the driver started the conversation “are you out of your mind or too high to have lost senses? What are you up to?”

She finally turned her head and got a glimpse of who was at the steering. It was the same boy who jeered at her and called her “aunty“.

 “Oh! You didn’t leave? Wanna be a part of my adventure or what?” She asked him with a pinch of taunt instead of thanking him. He didn’t answer her question and focused on the road.

Do I look high?” She fixed her gaze on him as she pulled him closer to her by his collar and exhaled sharply. Their gazes were locked instantly and for a moment he lost concentration from the track and was about to hit a barricade.

And they were back, a bit jolted.  By this time they left the police jeep far behind as they already jumped red lights and successfully fooled the chasing party.

“Tell me mysterious lady what are you up to?” He asked again, ” what’s your name?”

Lady: “From auntie to mysterious lady! Gear shift, I see. And my name is of no importance if you want to know ME“.

Boy: “So who are YOU?”

Lady: “I will let you know only if you can tell me how shall I pass out tonight, get really high that I can feel it or shall I say feel nothing. Will you help me?”

As she was saying this she pushed off all her inhibitions, fears to the backseat. There was pain in her voice which she tried to hide in her peals of obnoxious laughter.  She was with a stranger but she cared less neither for her reputation nor for her life for she was only alive.

Lady: “Will you?”

And the car was stopped in a dark lane and the boy stared at the smokey eyes which seemed alluring in the dim lighting of his car…