The topic itself made me smile so wide with my lips spreading from one ear to the other that I didn’t find any reason to cry… 😉

But jokes apart on a serious note, this topic of gender biased is selling like hot cakes these days whether people understand the subject or not. Though the subject is justifiable and should not be ignored at any cost because it goes against natural human behaviours and compelling them  to lead lives pretending and compromising with their own emotions. And that is no way acceptable. I have witnessed people of both genders making silly comments or slogans against it and have been protesting through rallies time to time which are really uncalled for, in my opinion. But these issues needed to be dealt with much care and with a heart and mind of understanding. Educating people about the subject and creating an awareness is always beneficial. And there are number of organisations being founded only to protect human lives caring for their emotional as well as social health irrespective of their genders which is commendable on their parts.

While writing this article I thought of wearing the shoes of the man in question and think from his point of view to reach at a conclusion.

I won’t deny that there are numerous such occasions when I feel like crying and yell at the top of my voice yet, I don’t do it where as my wife does it at liberty. Now, forget about what happens between us and focus only on me… 😛

 A question came to my mind… “Why do I really suppress myself to do so?”

I found the following reasons when I went through a time of deep introspection…

  1. I feel ashamed of weeping or letting my tears flow down. What would people think that are passing through my window? I think and I suppress myself from doing that. Even if I cry anytime, I clutch a pillow to my mouth so that I am not heard. I might consider to buy a silencer for myself for this occasion… 😛 . I think it is a wise thing I do, to behave like a grown up, but I know, I suffer a lot by suppressing or keeping myself away from that privilege of releasing my heartaches.
  2. I store all the emotions in the forms of anger instead of letting it out of me. Though the expression of my anger is not violent yet it is no way beneficial for me or any other around me. Prabhjot said it right in her last ARTICLE about the same. We boys were taught to be tolerant and suppress our emotions though I was not taught to be revengeful in my childhood, which is good in a way yet, psychologically when these emotions are piled up over the years they might burst negatively.
  3. I try to project myself as strong than others by suppressing myself and not weeping in front of them. My mother weeps a lot instantaneously. But does everything without a tear afterwards. But I have seen many who doesn’t cry right at the moment but keeps on breaking down afterwards. I would reckon my mom to be stronger in regards to dealing with her emotions. She was very natural to release herself at the right time and stay strong later on. I feel defeated that way as a so called MANLY attitude. Huh! A myth, a prejudice… If I simplify, it is ARROGANCE.
  4. Last but not the least, I feel that I have become a hard hearted person lately and I suppress tears very easily though I know, I am very emotional. My tears do flow from my eyes while watching an emotional scene in the TV like any other woman but a habit of suppressing my tears from flowing down has made me like this.

I am alarmed seeing the list I just made myself seriously…

As I said earlier, education and awareness are always helpful. But sadly, there are negligible number of organisations for men and protecting them from injustice that they face because of the misconceptions today in India mostly. I appreciate,  that the people and thinkers are more concerned about the needs of women but somehow down the line, they forget about men, who can be vulnerable and exposed to many things that we can’t even think of. I was trying to search the list of organisations working for gender inequality issues and I found all are for the protection of girl child and women at large. The list of the search engine itself left me and all the men fraternity absolutely vulnerable.

Why is that so?

In the beginning, God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Even His intentions are never to have inequality between men and women… Why then we bring inequality between us, male and female? Yeah it’s true, that we were physically and mentally created a bit different from each other just to compliment each other perfectly on this earth and be the best companion alongside while ruling this beautiful creation together that God had bestowed upon us… Alas, we are kind of too selfish to create such disparity between us for our own selfish gain and destroy that divine harmony between us.

Let’s refrain from it and live helping and complimenting each other, gender-wise and in every respect. Let’s our slogan be – SAVE MEN AND WOMEN, SAVE WORLD.

Stay Blessed!


  1. I completely agree with you that men and women are created with differences only to compliment and complete eact other. I loved your witty tone in this article. And do let out your emotions then and there before they change their form. Beautiful article.


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