The human race has come a long way ahead – from times of eating raw fruits, vegetables and herbs to cooking them in pots, pans and OTGs; from killing and eating raw flesh of animals and birds to having gala barbeques; from using fire for light to electric lights of various kinds; from steam ships to cruises and jetliners; from epidemics that wiped out generations to regular vaccinations that augured longevity; from pay phone booths to smart phones in every hand; and the list is endless. Innovations and discoveries have made the world geographically more accessible, historically more conquerable and economically more viable.

All of this could happen because man chose not to let his grey matter and white matter degenerate into pathological atrophy. Of course, the early man didn’t have a clue of the enormous capacity for wisdom that had been bestowed on him till he gathered knowledge and harnessed it! And lo! Today we are a generation hungry to learn more, innovate more, develop more and reach the hither-to-thought-of unreachable territories. To balance the craze for increased exploits of knowledge and keep the rage of the aspirational mind tamed, there are numerous schools of meditation and positivism that promise to keep desires under checks.

While on one hand we see the boons of human knowledge, on the other, we are greeted with the banes of it. Wild experimentations wiping out humans and animals, weapons of war that were once invented merely out of curiosity, nuclear weapon stashes and cyber crimes in every corner of the world greet each generation with renewed vigour.

The mind rattles with the thought as to how the hands of some are created to construct while those of some others are created to devour. Actually no, the hands are not to be blamed.

Forget about inventions, innovations and discoveries for a while. Just peep outside for a moment and cast a glance at the nature around you. You may witness the greenery of the flora and fauna around or the starry sky or the cool moon or the raging sun or a tiny ant or a wriggly worm or the countless grains of sand beneath your feet. If you are cut off from all exposure to nature, you sure have your own body to look at and think about. These all are the marvels displays of God’s wisdom in the canvas of the cosmos. And because man has been created in God’s likeness, he is endowed with innate wisdom. That is what makes man have an insatiable desire to invent, innovate, discover and create.

The Bible says –

“Wisdom is the principal thing;

Therefore get wisdom.”

But, what happens when wisdom is thwarted and knowledge is wasted?

Heard of the Blue Whale Challenge, the Choking Challenge, the Ghost Pepper Challenge, the Car Surfing Challenge and the like? While most of us would term them as insane, we also need to acknowledge that there are minds that have worked in developing them. These games sure are fascinating. Before people know they find themselves hooked onto these and some have even lost their precious lives in such dare devil tasks. No, I’m not even talking of heinous murder conspiracies. We are in a digital world today that gives us as much access to knowledge as it exposes us to the ills of the ever-expanding realm of knowledge.

Wisdom is to be utilised for good and knowledge ought not be misutilised for mayhem and destruction.

Coming further down to wasting wisdom/knowledge in everyday lives, have you ever paused to think before rendering the valuable service of ‘sharing your knowledge’ with people? If you haven’t, do it the next time your stomach churns and your tongue itches to advise or suggest something to someone. Pause and consider the following:

Is it desired by the person/s or am I merely bragging my knowledge?

Is my advice presentable or am I uttering mere burdensome/demeaning/demotivating words?

Is this the right place for rendering such advice?

Is the timing right or can it wait?

Will my advice help the person/s or make him/her sink even deeper?

If people are not interested, do not dump knowledge on them. It is wise to stay silent. This phenomenon is mostly observed between parents and teenaged children. Years of experience tempts parents to unload them all on children so that they do not suffer or commit the same mistakes, etc. However, with all the good intentions parents need to exercise restraint and not ‘lecture’ (in the words of children) children day-in and day-out. Find out ways of reaching out to them in their heart-language. Use your wisdom!

“Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.”

                    – Charles Spurgeon

Acquire knowledge. Use it wisely.