Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

This Bible verse that I mentioned above has been my force to explore myself as much as possible and I have been successful in doing so.

I have heard people saying, “I have no talents or skills that I can use for others“.

I mock them saying, “If I would have strength like you physically then I would have done so much more than what I am doing without having it, embracing my physical inability“.

Now, when does someone waste his or her talents? 

  1. When someone is given a wrong responsibility: This happens when a singer is given the assignment to teach how to dance or vice versa. I have always longed for music and I went ahead doing other things… I kind of allowed my talents wasted. Right now, even if I want to develop myself as a musician, I don’t find situation favouring me to go ahead. So my talent for music is wasted. There are thousands of people who found themselves away from their talents as they are appointed in  wrong jobs or responsibilities. It is necessary for the parents, teachers, bosses to recognise the talents of their children, students and subordinates respectively. 
  2. When someone doesn’t recognise his/her talents or skills: I always question myself and God, ‘Why I am in accounts job when I am good at motivating people‘… But in the long run, I find myself better placed in regards to accounting assignments. It was me, who was trying to make things dull because of my disinterest in the talent that I have. So when I was given interesting assignments or to give presentations on accounts I found myself in tune with it. Be sincere to your call, your vision, you will explore more of you while you keep working.
  3. When someone is lazy or selfish or given in to addictions: These section of people can be found wasting away their skills, talents and ultimately disowning God and His purpose behind creating them. Sometimes, I found myself in this category by blaming my health conditions for it. I start many things yet find it difficult to continue it or creating more using my God given talents. My recent addiction is Netflix, and I glue to my mobile screen doing nothing abandoning what I can really do by utilizing my talents. No, I am not sharing my secrets for fun… but I wanted the readers to learn from the mistakes I do and people do… 

When do we really feel satisfied? When we achieve something. We achieve something when we use our talents to their full potentials. God has given all of us certain talents and skills. He never expects us to do things without equipping us with tools and skills that we need. It is our inability to recognise our true worth through His eyes. It is possible only when we know Him, we will know how equipped we are with various talents within us to do the do the work we are supposed to do and feel happy about it.

Stay happy and stay Blessed!