One verse of the Bible says, “Children are the gifts of God” and another verse says, “Every good and perfect thing comes from the LORD Almighty”.

I worked for Child development for 5yrs and had come across many children almost on a daily basis but there are 3 major incidents where the kids who are hardly able to tie their shoelaces have taught me some pretty great lessons.

Once I took my 6yr niece to a candy store and asked her which chocolate she wants. She took “Kinderjoy” (for girls) and casually I pulled a 10/- note and gave it to the storeman but instead of collecting the money he just laughed at me. Cluelessly, I was looking at the shopkeeper and my niece in return gave me a satirical look. The shopkeeper said brother one Kinderjoy cost 45/- not 10/-. Though my niece didn’t utter a word but her peculiar look was enough to tell me, “Do you think, I’m a fool. Don’t underestimate me”.

After a few years of that incident, one of my Uber drivers was sharing his son’s story. He took his 5yr son to the doctor since he was suffering from cough and cold. Before prescribing medicine doctor asked the kid, “Son, this syrup will taste bitter but it is good for your health. Will you be able to eat it or shall I give you another one?” The kid replied, “No, I will eat it”. Later at night, the father gave medicine but the kid found difficult to gulp it. Seeing the struggle of his son, the father said, leave it Beta (Son), I will exchange it in the morning with a sweeter one. But the 5yr kid’s replied, “No, I have promised Doctor uncle to eat this, I will try to eat this medicine Paapa”.

The 3rd and the most beautiful story was the story of a slumdog whom I met in the Kolkata local bus someday of November 2017. It was almost quarter to 10:00 P.M,  a skinny shabby looking 12yr kid stepped into the bus shouting “Chocolate lelo, chocolate, dus mein char chocolate” (take 4 chocolates in Rs. 10). Some passengers took candies from him, some shouted at him and as he approached me, I took 4 candies paying the double amount. I also shared my seat with him and enquired about his background. His father is a security guard but spends all his money on drinking and the elder brother doesn’t do anything. Every day this boy wakes up at 6:00 A.M and goes for free tuition class and after that, he goes to school around 10:00 A.M. He comes back from school around 3:00 P.M and within an hour he takes his candy box and catches the local bus from DumDum to New Town selling candies and then from New Town he catches another bus for New Market. Again from New Market, he changes another bus to New Town, at New Town, he stops to have snacks and packs dinner for him & his mother, then boards another bus to DumDum. This is his everyday story, around 11:00 P.M or quarter to 12:00 P.M he reaches home.

Stacia Tauscher:

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” 

Indeed! In our matured mind boosting our wisdom and knowledge, we tend to look down on children. In our worries for their future, we ignore their present potentials and maturity. Whereas, God has exactly created them in His own image and has given them the conscience having wisdom and knowledge. Though physically they are smaller than us yet at times their mental outwork is more matured than us.

In fact, the sublimity of their hearts in the simplicity of their nature has enfolded one of the greatest queries of matured minds. While Jesus lived as a human being on earth, one of his disciples asked him, “Teacher, tell us who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. Jesus took a child and said; “Truly, I tell you unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”