It was Aman at the door, his presence didn’t surprise but it was his state that surprised, rather shocked everyone.  Aman was there with a fractured foot and was walking with a support.

Teammates rushed to him with utter disbelief and a volley of questions “when, how, where” and everything around.

Amidst that commotion a soft (in decibels only) voice enquired Aman “how did it happen?“. It was Punit, who never ceased to make fun of Aman but his demeanour at this moment was unusual of him. (Is it the previous day effect?).

Aman: “I had a minor accident this morning, doctor said it’s a hairline fracture.”

As he was continuing Mr.Sharma arrived and was worried at the sight that was before him.

Mr.Sharma: “Oh God! Aman what is this? How long will it take to get set? What are doctors saying? We have matches lined up in less than two weeks“.

Mr.Sharma seemed restless before Aman could answer him.

Aman: “I understand sir, very unfortunate but I won’t be able to participate in training or matches at least for next 1 month. Team needs to decide on the order of batting with immediate effect so as to streamline the things. And I have a recommendation to make, can I?

Aman paused to get Mr.Sharma’s affirmation which he did get immediately.

Aman: “Sir, I think Punit and Sanjay (player 1) are best bet to open and Sanjay with his skills and rapport with the team can be the vice captain of the team in my absence.

Mr.Sharma “seems a viable option for me, I am ok with this if team agrees. At the end of the day it’s a team game”.

And pat comes the nod of everyone in the team except for Punit and Sanjay who were silent.

And gave a sharp look at the team that had dumbfounded Sanjay, who was witnessing all the occurences in disbelief and as he stood there Aman walked up to him and placed his firm hand on him and in a rather hush voice said “this can be your passport to fame, prove yourself as a team member, playing for the team, accolades and position will follow“.

After this meet everyone dispersed to the practice ground.  Punit with his coach’s permission left ground for a while and he met Aman at the exit asking if he could drop him home.

It was Aman who was actually surprised by this turn of events and without uttering a word gave his consent even before he could realise it.

Throughout the way no word was spoken apparently but their minds were everything but calm.

They reached Aman’s place. As he got down Aman invited Punit to his house. Punit declined the offer at first but insistence from Aman made him to enter his place which he  used to mock upon earlier.  Even Punit was wondering why he is doing this….

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