A storm passed in Punit’s room but his heart is not yet at peace. Shobhna entered into his room silently, silence which was only camouflaging her inner turmoil as she already was hinted by the maid. Punit’s behaviour was always a matter of concern for Shobhna. Trisha was a mature person despite of the turbulent atmosphere in the family. She was a clone to her mother in maturity.

What happened Punit? Why are you upset?” Inquired Shobhna in an intentional meek voice.  But Punit was all flaring up in rage  “Don’t disturb me Mom, I am not in a mood for your preaching. I don’t understand what’s wrong with you all! That loser, good for nothing coach is overlooking me, The Punit Shah, son of Vikram Shah for that Slumdog Aman for captaincy. I’ll show them all that they are nothing and team is Me” and he continued spitting venom while Shobhna heard everything in utter silence and a hint of disgust as she was witnessing a outright selfish, self obsessed, arrogant person in making and thinking whose fault is this.

As Punit paused Shobhna took the chance to speak her determined mind “this is no way to speak to anyone or about anyone, I hope you received some etiquettes as a child, haven’t you?  You have to calm down first“. Shobhna had a calm demeanour to her voice as she was arranging the storm hit room and meanwhile trying to infuse some sense into her son’s disoriented brain and she continued “your problem is not your coach or Aman but your own attitude that makes you think that you are above all. Stop taking yourself too seriously dear“.

Punit stared at his Mom fuming as she settled besides him.

Shobhna: “Look, let your talent and hard work speak for you. Don’t use your surname as your passport and don’t let your bad attitude be your signature. It’s high time before you mend your ways.”

Punit: “I told you already don’t give me lectures about on ethics, etiquettes, values.  I am grown up for this nonsense chatter of yours. Do they know who am I, I will show them.”

Shobhna exhaled sharply, nodding in disbelief, posed one question “Do you know who you are? Try to prove your identity as Punit, not as someone’s son. Do you have that courage? Can you be the one who you desire to be without all the luxuries holding your back?”

And she left his room leaving the ball in Punit’s court.

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